Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Great Christmas Visit!!!

Yahoo, we had a wonderful visit (via Skype) with our cute Elder! He looked great, and was happy, healthy and loving his mission. He told us that he never wants to come home, and that actually made us proud (go figure)... He spent the day with the wonderful "Smith" family, and we send our sincere appreciation to them for including him in their Christmas festivities..
He loves Trenton and the wonderful people there. They have made him feel right at home.

Merry Christmas... Love the Nelson's

Monday, December 19, 2011

My New Son, Elder Dannitt...

Elders Nelson and Dannitt

From Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome Elder!

I'm Training!! December 19, 2011

Welcome Elder Dannett, to the Arkansas, Little Rock Mission and Trenton, Tennessee!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody...

So, going back to Frayser was awesome. I went to see Kierra because she had been anit'd and had stopped going to church. She freaked out when she saw me... haha it was funny, but we were able to get her to commit to coming to church, so I'm hoping she did. I also saw Crystal and Stephanie, Fildal and Diamond. Stephanie didn't notice me at first, but then I said "remember me" and she almost tackled me through her TV haha they are all doing great. It was awesome to be able to see them. We ere supposed to go to Star's but weren't able to.

Anywho, I got my new companion. His name is Elder Dannatt. He is from Vegas. He is about 6'5" and he played basketball and football in High School and has a scholarship to Arizona State when he goes home to play linebacker for them. He is BIG and he is a stud too. He is so much better than I was when I came out. I remember being so scared to talk. We actually had a really good first week, found us a few new investigators and were able to set a couple of dates, so we are excited, going to get him his first baptism early rather than having to wait 4 months like I did. It definitely has brought back memories... We went into P.E.C. yesterday morning and one of the Bishopric counselors was like "who is the new deer in the headlights Elder" haha it was funny. It definitely takes a couple days to get used to things. To top it all off though, a speaker didn't show up, so right as sacrament is starting, they asked him to speak... He had about 2 minutes to prepare, but he did a good job, and I think it helped him to relax too. He was doing a lot better after that.

That is crazy that Nick is coming out here!!! Is he speaking Spanish or English? He is going to love it.

So, on Christmas we are going over to the Smith's at about 1:30 so I will call somewhere around 2ish. I will let you know more once I find out when Elder Dannatt's family can talk with him. But ya about 2 and at the latest 4.

I love yall!!! Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Nelson

Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011


I am e-mailing early today, before we head off the Memphis, because the Frayser Elders will be done e-mailing by the time we get there... so ya!

I will find out who my new missionary is on Wednesday, it is going to be interesting.. I'm excited though, and I'm sure it will be a new experience and hopefully I will do some growing. I got an e-mail from Pres. Peterson that said "You are going to get one of the best new missionaries because I want him to see baptisms right off", so we will have some work to do.

This week was kind of uneventful, we were getting Elder Sprauge ready to head home. We are teaching a couple of kids though, who are 10 and 12, who's parents are members. We are hopeful for them. The new missionary needs to come in and see some success.

On Christmas, we are going over to a members house and we DO get to use skype, as long as the new missionary is able too. If he isn't, then I'm not going to, so he doesn't feel bad, but ya.
Our church gets over at 1 and then we are going over to the Smith's home, so somewhere in the afternoon... haha sorry I don't know 100%, but I will let you know for sure when it gets closer.

I've got to wrap up quick this week, since we are heading down to Memphis, but I love yall!!!

Love Elder Nelson

Monday, December 5, 2011

Brandy and Briana, our newest members



December 5, 2011


So kinda weird, Elder Sprauge and I have been talking in some kind of English/Australian accent and it has gotten so out of hand, that now when I text or email I have realized that I am thinking in an accent...Yep, I'm going crazy.

So Yes, Briana did get baptized, and it was amazing. It was kind of funny, right after she was baptized we were standing in front of the font and this little girl that was there, who is like 10 was like "that was so awesome" everyone got a good laugh out of it, but ya, it was way cool. I think I told you that we found out that she lives in the Jackson ward boundaries, so she is supposed to attend there, and we were a little worried if she would ant to and how that would go, but she went to church there to be confirmed and ended up seeing a lady who used to give her vocal lessons, and she talked to her and now Briana is going to be in the ward choir down there. Pretty cool stuff.

So, Elder Sprague goes home next week. I will droop him off in Memphis on Monday, where he will go to the Temple with all the Elders that are going home. Then he will go to Little Rock to the Mission home for dinner and a final testimony meeting then to bed, and head home first thing Tuesday morning. So, I will get to hang out in Frayser with the Elders there!!! I'm pretty excited about that. Wednesday, I will go to transfers to get my new comp. and head backup to get to work.

Thanks for everything, I love you guys.
Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. I got Keith and Crystals wedding invitation this week, awesome!!!