Monday, August 29, 2011

Who says I need to grow up!!!


I fed a Squirrel!!!

August 29, 2011

Hey there family!!!

So this week was interesting,. Our numbers were pretty terrible, but we had a really productive week anyways. We decided that we needed to get out and to meet all the members of the ward, so we have been going through the ward roster, trying to get our faces out there and maybe get some members doing some missionary work. We have a few members we have met that have been working with people and we are hoping that by us coming by it might help them to ask others to be taught.

Crystal and Keith are getting baptized September 17th so that they can be married first. They are awesome, they came to church yesterday and brought all of their kids and some friends. One of them is named Amy. We have actually taught her a couple times, but she was never keeping her commitment to read and pray, but when she came yesterday I asked her and she said that she had, so we are excited to go over to Crystals tomorrow and teach all of them, and see how her reading went. Hopefully we will invite her to be baptized as well.

We have also been teaching a couple of kids named Zac and Tyler. We tracked into them a few weeks ago. They are pretty cool and we are going by there tomorrow. Zac came to ward basketball on Wednesday and seemed to like it. They were supposed to come to church but he got sick Saturday night so they didn't. They have some great potential as well.

Answers to your questions:
1. No, the hurricane hasn't effected us. The weather has actually been really nice. It got up to like 95 this week which is like 105 heat index, which actually isn't too bad, so we were able to get out on the bikes and ride a bit. Did the hurricane effect Robbie at all? I heard it went through the DC area.
2. Elder Z is great! He just found out that his sister is having a baby right after he gets home, a little by, so he is really excited about that.
3. Elvis days were pretty sweet. I will send some pictures with an e-mail... I definitely wouldn't pay money to see Graceland, I don't think, but is was good to be able to walk around the area and see some of the stuff. I don't know if I told you about one of the top members of our ward was actually converted by Elvis. Turns our he was meeting with the missionaries when he died, and had actually gone home to read the Book of Mormon the night he died. Anyways, she got hold of his copy of the BOM through a friend and ended up joining the church. Really cool story.
4. E. Badger has been out like 16 months, so he still has some time left. He just told me this week that Kierra has been anti'd and doesn't want to come back to church, so I am going to have to give her a call today and see if I can talk some sense into her.

Oh!!! so last week we went to play disk golf with willie, and I beat him!! I shot 1 over. I should have shot under par, but I screwed up a couple birdie opportunities.
Oh Oh!!! Willie received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and was ordained to a priest. It was so cool! We knew it was coming but didn't know when and all of a sudden the Bishop called him up during church and sustained him. We were amped and then we got to be in on his conferral after church. He is such a stud...

Anyways, not much else I can think of. I love you guys!!!! Tell everyone hello!

Love, Elder Nelson

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011


I had a perty good week. We have been teaching this lady named Crystal and her boyfriend Keith and this week we went by and just had a good gospel discussion with them. We answered all the questions they had and were able to set a date with Keith. It was really cool. Keith keeps talking about everything that was missing in his life and how he thought this was what he needed. We talked about how each of us have a potential and that they were going to be able to do amazing things within their church and with their family. It was pretty awesome. They came to church and loved it again. It seems like every time they come though, the lessons are o whatever they are struggling with, or whatever it is they are needing to overcome. Amazing how things work out. Another one of those "Church coincidences"!!!

We also had this guy named brother Green speak in church this week. Brother Green was baptized 2 years ago. He just went through the temple for the first time on Tuesday! He was asked to speak on how the gospel has changed his life, it was the first talk he has ever given in Church and it was incredible! He talked about joining the church and having the FULL armor of God on, and how he finally found the strength to overcome ole scratch. It was incredible, just a short sincere talk. It is amazing how much the gospel can change peoples lives.

This week Willie was interviewed to receive the Aronic Priesthood. It has been awesome seeing how he has jumped into the gospel and is just going with the flow and how he is being blessed. God truly blesses those people who are willing to put forth the effort. I am hoping they get him to speak in church before I get transferred so that I can hear it. That would be awesome.

On a non gospel note we played in the stake volleyball tournament, it was really fun, we didn't win it but our team was pretty good, and I hit a guy in the face with a ball and almost knocked him off his feel. I felt really bad until they told me that he had gone after some guy in the basketball tournament and that he kind of deserved it...haha I still apologized though.

You guys better start getting into disk golf. When I get back we are going to play, you might be able to beat me since I only get to play once a week.

I love yall!!! Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Nelson

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Southaven, Top of Mississippi!!!

Southaven, Mississippi... Where I live

August 15, 2011

Hey Fam,

This week was pretty sweet! We have been teaching this lady named Crystal, and her kids. We went by on Tuesday to teach her the Plan of Salvation, and had one of the most spiritual lessons ever. She kept saying how she had never been taught about that stuff anywhere else, and I was just like, "well Crystal", you know what's next don't you, and she was like "Yep, I need to get baptized..." It was so cool. She is getting baptized on the27th. She has been anti'd by her family and she is just like "I don't care, I know it is true". Then she asked us to come back and teach her fiance, Keith. She likes it all so much and Keith was really cool. He had stopped going to any church when he was younger because there were so many churches and he didn't understand that. So he started to research every church there is. It was really cool talking to someone who knows so much about religion, yet is still open minded and willing to do what it takes. We talked to Crystal yesterday and she said that he had been reading the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles book all week. We committed him to be baptized as well, when he finds out it is true, and he has accepted. He already knows it is true though. He told us that our version of the Plan of Salvation is the only one that really makes sense, and he said he could feel something at church and when we talked to him, so we are excited about them both.

Willie is still doing good. He is taking us disk golfing and to dinner tonight, and he is supposed to get the Priesthood in the next few weeks. I am so excited about that.

So, up in Memphis they have "Elvis Days" goin on. So after e-mailing today, we are going to go up there and check it out. They have a bunch of Elvis impersonators that perform and stuff, it is up at Graceland.

Not much else to tell you, I think we are going to be getting out and knockin doors a lot this week to find more peeps to teach.

I love you guys...
Love Elder Nelson

From one mom to another...

I had a wonderful visit with Sister Gossett, from Southaven Mississippi today. We are so very grateful for the loving care she and her husband are giving our son. It was also wonderful to talk with someone who sees him often, and cares so much about him. A warm thank you to the Gossett's...

Monday, August 8, 2011

TRANSFERS...Staying in Southaven!

Hello Family!

So Mom and Dad, yall need to save a couple of fun trips for when I come home haha.. Yall are going everywhere! jk

This week was pretty good. We found 7 new investigators and had 7 investigators to church. It was pretty cool. We have been teaching a lady named Crystal and her 2 kids, then this week she had a neighbor over and we started teaching her. They all came to church, as well as Crystals boyfriend and his two kids. It was pretty awesome.

Oh by the way, we are both staying in Southaven. I'm really excited, we are going to keep this area goin.. So last week we went and played disk golf with Willie, and I shot +9! which was by far my best ever! Then today we went and I shot +3! and easily could have shot even.

There isn't too much else to report other than I'm doing really good. I love you guys!
Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Nelson

ps. I would love the CD "the work, a Nashville tribute" at Deseret Book, I heard it is amazing.
and you should call Sister Gossett.. They are the Corbetts of Southaven!! and thanks for the Violet Crumbles, they were incredible! (where did you find them)?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictures from Southaven...

Our "Mexican Cowboy" from the South

The Beautiful South

The man, the myth, and the legend, Brother Welch

Our Southaven district

Willie's Baptism

Greatest day ever!!!

August 1, 2011


Alright, We had a great week... We were really worried about investigators after Willie got baptized because he was all we really had, but then on Tuesday, this lady that we had taught awhile back, called us and wanted us to come over. Things have taken a turn for the worse in her life and she wanted to change. We saw her Wednesday and had an amazing lesson and then she came to a baptism on Saturday. The baptism was for this guy named Robert, that the sisters have been teaching. He is really cool, one of the nicest guys ever. So he knew this lady, so she came and could really feel the spirit and kept telling us that she knew this was where she needed to be. She wants to get baptized but wants to learn more about the church first. Her two daughters have been meeting with us as well. They are also really cool.

As well, we went to see the Soto family. They have 2 kids who aren't baptized, and they haven't been to church in a few years. We saw them Thursday and invited them to come, and they came!@!!! It was awesome. We are going to try to get their kids baptized next month, we just need to be able to meet with them a little more often. We are pumped, it looks like we could easily have 5 baptisms next month. We just need to keep being obedient so the Lord will help us out.

On Saturday we went down to Senatobia for the Stake soccer tournament. We played 2 games and it took us until halfway through the second for us to figure out what we were doing. We ended up scoring one goal on the tournament...haha I got the assist!!!

So, I was thinking, doesn't Thomas have like just 3 months until he goes home??? So weird, he just left yesterday!! It's trippin me out how fast this mission thing goes by...

Anyway, Alls well in Southaven. I love you guys...
Love, Elder Nelson