Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

Had a weird week. I told you that we were going down to Memphis for a mission tour and to hear Elder Allen speak. He is the head of the missionary department for the church. We went down there on Thursday and it was awesome, and I also stayed down for Leadership training on Friday. Both days war intend to Elder Allen and President Peterson as well as a guy named Brother Donaldson for about 7 hours. It was sweet. The mission is going to change a ton. They talked about some of the things that the mission has done just as traditions, like a conference call every Monday night with the leadership in the mission. Well, all the things that aren't in the book are now gone, so we won't have months zone meetings either, which means I get to prepare more district meetings... We are pretty excited though. He also said no more tracking!?!? haha his words were "it's stupid, it's unproductive, stop... so we are going to be working a lot more with the members. It is going to be a lot different, but will boost the mission in the long run. We have been averaging about 30 baptisms a month as a mission, but we have set a goal to start getting 80 and then go even farther and get 150 a month! We are really excited.

Next week we will find out who is getting transferred, but it is sounding like Elder Dannatt will be leaving. It is pretty amazing how much he has grown over the last couple of months. It has been pretty cool to watch.

Tell everyone hello for me!
I love you guys!
Love, Elder Nelson

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Hey family!

So, the baptism this week... It will go down As the most difficult baptism of my mission. Everything that could go wrong, did. I will have to give you the details once I get home. BUT it happened, and it ended up being awesome. Demitri got a call Saturday night that his mom had gone in for surgery and had some complications. He had to hop on a bus at 9:00 that night for North Carolina, so he hasn't been confirmed yet, but should be this week or next.

This upcoming Week is going to be pretty cool as well. Today we are going to help a member move, which will probably take most of the day, tomorrow we are first going to help the Branch President cut some limbs out of his tree, then we are going down to Humbolt to help the Fishers out. He is having to get everything moved out of his old house Wednesday, because the lady he sold it to is moving in. We are also helping him put a kitchen in...the Fishers are the Corbetts of Treton, they are awesome, they usually feed us a couple times a week. They have a couple of sons who are living in Utah, I think one lives in Taylorsville, the other in Mapleton?

Anywho, then on Thursday, we are going to Memphis for a mission tour. Elder Allen, who is over the missionary department of the church is visiting the mission, so he will be speaking to us. We are all pretty excited, then we may be doing some service on Saturday, so it is going to be an interesting week. Hopefully we will be able to find some people to teach and get some lessons in between service and Memphis.

I love you guys!
Love, Elder Nelson

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Hey all!!!

We had us a really good week. Elder Hanneman and Elder Gerber came up and worked with us one day this week. Elder Hanneman is the one that is going to play baseball and football at BYU. It was a lot of fun and we got some good work one. We also woke up a little early and went over to the high school and ran some stairs on the bleachers and then got to throw the football a bit. It was fun.

I got to climb a few trees this week, haha it was fun. I had to coup and cut down some limbs out of a members tree that were about to fall. I also fell about 15 feet out of a tree, the limb I was holding on to broke, but like a cat, I landed on my feet. It was pretty sweet.

Demitri had his interview this week, and all went well. He will be getting baptized this coming Saturday and he is going to have Elder Dannatt do it!! It will be his first time!

Today we are going down to Humboldt and spend the day hanging with Dustin and Dimitri. We are supposed to play some basketball, but I guess a pretty bad storm is heading our way, so we may not be able to.

I love you guys, talk to ya later!
Love Elder Nelson

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hello Everyone!

We had a really good week this week. I don't ;know if I ever told you about Demitri, he is a friend of some members here that we have been teaching for awhile. We could never figure out what was holding him back, but we had a lesson with him this week and finally were able to figure it out, and set a date with him for the 17th. We are excited for it.

That's pretty exciting Elder Crawford is heading out, he is going to love it out here. The ALRM is the greatest mission in the world. Hopefully he at least serves around me so I can say hello to him!

I had my first district meeting this week, I really don't know how it went, but Elder Dannatt said it was good, but he is probably lying. We talked about extending and helping investigators keep commitments, our district has run into some trouble getting people to church. It definitely is a little stressful preparing for District meetings, but it's all good. Other than that we are doing quite a bit of finding. It is a little more difficult finding people to teach in the winter because not as many are outside, but we are gettin the job done anyways.

I love ya'll Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Nelson