Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011


I had a perty good week. We have been teaching this lady named Crystal and her boyfriend Keith and this week we went by and just had a good gospel discussion with them. We answered all the questions they had and were able to set a date with Keith. It was really cool. Keith keeps talking about everything that was missing in his life and how he thought this was what he needed. We talked about how each of us have a potential and that they were going to be able to do amazing things within their church and with their family. It was pretty awesome. They came to church and loved it again. It seems like every time they come though, the lessons are o whatever they are struggling with, or whatever it is they are needing to overcome. Amazing how things work out. Another one of those "Church coincidences"!!!

We also had this guy named brother Green speak in church this week. Brother Green was baptized 2 years ago. He just went through the temple for the first time on Tuesday! He was asked to speak on how the gospel has changed his life, it was the first talk he has ever given in Church and it was incredible! He talked about joining the church and having the FULL armor of God on, and how he finally found the strength to overcome ole scratch. It was incredible, just a short sincere talk. It is amazing how much the gospel can change peoples lives.

This week Willie was interviewed to receive the Aronic Priesthood. It has been awesome seeing how he has jumped into the gospel and is just going with the flow and how he is being blessed. God truly blesses those people who are willing to put forth the effort. I am hoping they get him to speak in church before I get transferred so that I can hear it. That would be awesome.

On a non gospel note we played in the stake volleyball tournament, it was really fun, we didn't win it but our team was pretty good, and I hit a guy in the face with a ball and almost knocked him off his feel. I felt really bad until they told me that he had gone after some guy in the basketball tournament and that he kind of deserved it...haha I still apologized though.

You guys better start getting into disk golf. When I get back we are going to play, you might be able to beat me since I only get to play once a week.

I love yall!!! Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Nelson

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