Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hello family,

It is so weird to hear about all of the younger guys in the ward heading out on their missions. Aren't they like 10 years younger than me??

This past week was pretty awesome, we started working more with some of the investigators we had found and were able to set 4 dates. Only one of them came to church, his name is George, and he seemed to like it. After he asked us to give him a blessing because he is going in for back surgery today. We also had a training meeting down in Memphis that was pretty awesome. We talked about the importance of the spirit. It was pretty cool right when we got back from the meeting we were on a real spiritual high and had some of the most spiritual lessons ever. They also were so much smoother and different than most. Kind of gave me a glimpse of what we can do with the spirit.

So, this morning one of the memos here, Brother Warren picked us up and took us fishing here in Trenton. It was a ton of fun. We each caught about 4 fish each and I caught my first catfish! Then he took us to his place and cooked us up some deer steaks. Just FYI, I'm going to move back to the South...I'm buyin into the southern way of life.

We are going to be moving down to Humboldt this week, so it you send anything you can send it to our new address at 163 Medina Hwy, Humboldt, TN. 38343

I love you all!!
Love Elder Jake Nelson

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hello family,

We had ourselves a pretty awesome week. President Peterson gave all the missionaries a challenge to find one new investigator each day this week. We got out and contacted a ton of people and were able to get one every day and ended up with 10 , it was awesome. Hopefully, it will mean a lot of teaching this coming week. We probably won't be moving until the Fishers get back from Utah.

So Wednesday we were walking around talking to people in Humboldt down in the ghetto. We came up on the local basketball courts and there were about 50 kids out playing ball. We went up to contact some and see if we could get some investigators to teach and they started heckling us a little bit, so I challenged one of them to a basketball game. It got a pretty good laugh from the crowd that this white boy in church clothes was going to play, until I stomped the first kid. Well the rules of the court are that if you win, you keep playing until you loose a game. Well, I ended up playing 10 games and never lost , so I just told them we had to go. One of the kids there named Reggie is a pretty religious kid, and started asking us some questions. We ended up teaching him and he is pretty interested in the church. We are going to keep teaching him. It was pretty cool and a lot of fun. Now when we walk through Humboldt, everyone knows us and gives us shout outs. Hopefully we can have ourselves another good week this week.

I love you guys! Hope all is well...
Love, Elder Nelson

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Transfers...So long Elder Dannatt, Hello Elder Ford!

It's been a great few months with Elder Dannatt. Good luck to you Elder... You've been a great companion and missionary...

Welcome Elder Ford... to Trenton Tennessee...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

We had a pretty awesome week. I dropped off Elder Dannatt on Wednesday, he was transferred to Pine Bluff Arkansas, I have only talked to him once since he left though.

My new companion is Elder Ford, from Layton Utah. He has now been on his Mission for 6 months. He spent the first 6 down in Memphis, in a place called Orange Mound.

How is Oklahoma? You still need to be sure and send me a t shirt from there. I'm glad you noticed how many churches there are. Haha. It's nuts huh? From the library we are at I could throw a rock and hit probably 8 different churches. Y'all should drive through the ghetto once while you are there. It is interesting to see little houses with church signs out front. I'm still trying to figure out what the difference between 1st, 2nd, southern, and all of the like 1000's of them. It's nuts.

We had a pretty good week this week. We ended up having 5 people to church which was awesome. The Branch Presidents wife invited her friend and kids. Hopefully we will be able to keep teaching them. The kids loved church.

We aren't sure when exactly we are going to be moving down to Humbolt, should be in the next two weeks. We just need to finish up a little on the house down there. We are pretty excited. It's a nice place. I'll get y'all the address as soon as I remember to.

Anywho, I love y'all, thanks for all you do.

Love, Elder Nelson

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012


So we got transfer calls this morning, and Elder Dannatt will be leaving me. So on Wednesday we will head down to Memphis and find out who the new guy is and head back and get to work. We had a pretty good week, we did some more service, and we are working on getting the members more involved in missionary work. We changed around a lot of the things that we have been doing, hoping to get some better results. So far it seems to be going pretty well. We have been teaching a couple named Mitch and Emily who have 2 kids, and we found out this week that Mitch is good friends with Andrew Turner in the Branch, so Andrew went and talked with him and invited him over to his house for dinner to talk about the church. So we are really excited about that.

I talked to the Loval High School Baseball coach down here and I am going over to work out with the team on Monday afternoons until the season starts. That should be pretty fun. I know a couple of the guys on the team just from going around talking to people, so I will see if we can use it for missionary work as well.

We also are going too be moving down to Humboldt sometime between now and April 1st. Humboldt is geographically better for us. Brother Fisher has a house he has been trying to rent out and he talked with the financial secretary of the mission and they worked out a deal so we get to go and live there! It's going to be pretty cool. It is a nice house just east of Humboldt on the Medina Hwy.

Anywho, thanks for the shoes, they are great, a little snug on the feet, but they will stretch out a little bit. They were much needed, we have been doing a lot of service as of late and I worked right through the soles of my other shoes.

Love you guys!
Elder nelson