Monday, April 30, 2012

Krystal's baptism...

Elders Nelson and Vea
           Our newest member, "Krystal"

April 30, 2012

What up y'all!!

We had us an awesome week.  Krystal was baptized on Wednesday, and it went great.  We also set 8 other dates for this next month!  We were pretty stoked.  President was thinking about closing down Maple Street a few weeks back because it wasn't producing any success, but I don't think he will be able to now!  Krystal's three daughters, Infinity, Adriana and Heaven have a date for this Saturday, we also have 2 scheduled for the 16th with a guy banned Jerry and a day named Denise.  Then on the 26th we have a family that we found, Deborah, Jammell and Tayana.  They are all really cool.  I am really glad to be here.

I am glad that you were able to meet Badge!  Don't worry too much about what he said about Maple Street.  It's not too terribly bad.  haha  Although I did get hit up for food, and cussed out nearly every day this week!  I love it!  Luckily my comp isn't too scared of it.  The other night we had just finished planning and we were siting on the porch.  This drunk lady comes by and starts to cuss us out and yell at us.  So, Elder Vea (who was on the phone with a member) yells out "Hey, REPENT," so she comes running back and he keeps yelling "REPENT"  haha  it was pretty funny to hear him with his broken english..

The other day we went to do some community service at a local park, and we were off in the woods clearing some brush for a hiking trail and all of a sudden he is at the top of this big hill doing some kind of rain dance.  All of the guys we were working with are on parole and had to be there and they are yelling at him to stop so it doesn't start to rain.  So then he started doing the Hakkah!  They were really surprised t hough when he told them his favorite meat was their prized fighting dog... It was a really fun morning.  He has taught me a couple tongan words and phrases, so the whole time we were pretending to talk back in forth in Tongan, in all reality I was just saying "this food is really good" over and over again.

Anywhos, keep us and our investigators in your prayers!

Love y'all!
Elder Nelson

ps.  I received your package and letter... thank you so much.

April 29, 2012

We had the wonderful opportunity of attending Elder Badger's homecoming today...  He and Jake served together in Frayser, TN last year and had some awesome experiences together.  It was so special to hear him speak of people we had heard about, and about our son as well.  He was an incredible missionary and   of course made us miss our Elder...

When he heard where Jake is serving now, he just shook his head and said, "I could tell you stories, but you wouldn't sleep again, so I won't"...  That certainly helped???  haha   Our Elder has assured us that he is  protected not only by the spirit, but by his large Tongan companion....  Thanks to both!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012

Hey Y'all!

I don't have a lot of time, but my new area is awesome.  It is the same place they took us the day we entered the field, back a year and a half ago.  (I even got a picture yesterday of the first house I knocked).
The area is called Maple Street.  It is the smallest area in our mission, in the inner city of Little Rock.  It is a pretty rough place.  We get broken into every once in awhile, I had heard, but all is good because my companion is a big guy!!!  His name is Elder Vea, and he is awesome.  He is from Tonga and this is his first time in the United States.  I am loving it.  We are in a ward with 4 other missionaries, so that is fun.

We had a pretty cool experience this week.  They have been teaching this family but weren't able to set a date with them.  On Thursday, we had an awesome lesson with them and were able to set a date for the 5th.  anywho, we went to this appointment with them and another set of missionaries and their investigators, and the other missionary's investigator had their Pastor there and an anti video that they started showing us.  So we kind of started bashing a bit, (threw down on them pretty good), but we were nervous that we may have lost our investigator "Krystal" and her family.  Well, after we left they called and said that we had handled ourselves like true Christians, unlike the other people, and from what they had seen and heard, they knew or Church was even more true.  So we asked them if they wanted to move their date up, and now at least Krystal is going to be baptized this Wednesday.  We are pumped.

So, answers to your questions:
I haven't received your package yet, because everything has to go through the mission home, so it won't get stolen.  They will get it to me at the next meeting.
Our new area is dangerous, but we are protected.
We are about 45 minutes from the mission home.
I told Elder Badger to give you a hug at his homecoming...

I love you guys!
Hope all is well...

Ofa  Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Nelson

April 15, 2012

Well, thanks to the wonderful people of Humboldt and Trenton, Tennessee... We have heard that our son is safe and sound in "North Little Rock, Arkansas"   We appreciate all of the texts and e-mails from members of his Branch, who love him and wrote to let us know how special he is to them and the mission.  Your southern hospitality to our "Elder" has meant so very much to us, we know that you will always be special to "Elder Nelson".  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

Hey y'all,

So, I got the transfer call this morning... really weird, I have now been here for 6 months, but it has flown by. I'm not too happy I am having to head out. Elder Ford text President and asked if I could be left here, but it sounds like I'm needed elsewhere.

This past week has been an interesting one. We are pushing George's date back because he just isn't quite ready. We want to make sure he understands what he is doing. Hopefully in a couple of weeks he will be baptized. We found out on Wednesday that one of our investigators passed away. Her daughter who is like 30 asked us to come over and talk to the family. We had a good talk with them. We were really glad that even though they are very active in another church they trusted us enough to have us come over and help out. We have a lot of hope for them. It is a husband and wife and their 5 kids. The wife is a sister to a member of the Branch up here. They have started into the Book of Mormon, and we are praying they will find answers as they go.

Talk to y'all next week from wherever the heck I end up. There are like 20 areas opening up, so it could be anywhere.

Love ya,
Elder Nelson

The Big One

Biggest fish I er dun caught!!!

Livin the dream in the Humboldt house!

Makeshift refrigerator

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey y'all,
We had a good week this Easter. We are getting a little more settled into our new place, we do have hot water! Now we just need to get a stove, refrigerator and a dish washer.

We had a bit of an uneventful week. We did have an awesome lesson with a family we started teaching. The mom is the sister of a member here. On the way over, the member called us and said "I can't be there tonight, but I just found out that they have invited a baptist preacher over too", So we were preparing for the worst, and praying for the best. When we first got there he hadn't shown up yet, so we started praying that he wouldn't come. Haha. We definitely wouldn't have had a problem bashing with him, but the spirit is never there when someone bashes. Well, he just decided not to show, and we had an awesome lesson. Hopefully we will be able to go back by and see them again soon.

Being District Leader is going pretty well. It is a bit stressful, having to plan a District meeting every week. Right now I am still praying and trying to figure out what to do it on tomorrow. As some added incentive, President Peterson is going to start visiting Dist. Meetings, so that will add some pressure, but it is all good. They always end up being okay.

Elder Ford and I did receive your package, and he said to tell you thanks! We both wore our new ties to church and had quite a few compliments on them.

Hope all is well back home!!

Love, Elder Nelson

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yes we have Tornado's




This week was pretty awesome! On Tuesday we had District meeting and I was able to get Sister Olinger to come share her testimony with the District, it went really well. Then, I went to Dyersburg on an exchange and to interview a family that they baptized this week. It was really cool. Doing baptismal interviews is one of my favorite things to do now.

On Friday we officially moved down to Humboldt. We have been roughing it a bit, we had no running water until this morning so we had filled up a barrel with water and were using that to take I guess a sponge bath. Also, with no running water meant no toilets, so the back yard doubled as a commode. We finally got the water on this morning, so we had a shower. Problem is that there is no hot water... It was rough.

Conference was pretty awesome. The satellite was down, so Saturday morning we went down to Jackson and watched. We had one of our investigators able to come down, his name is George.Elder Scott's talk I got the impression that we needed to call one of our investigators named Cory that we hadn't seen in a few months. I called him up and invited him to come to Priesthood with us. We all hopped a ride with Brother Fisher down tho Jackson again. Yesterday we went back down there again to watch Sunday sessions and in-between we went with the Sisters serving there to a members house for lunch.

Well I would keep writing but my time on the computer is up.

Love y'all!!
Love Elder Nelson

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A wonderful visit with the Fishers

We had a wonderful visit with the "Fishers" from Humboldt, Tennessee, who live in the Branch where Jake is serving. They were in Salt Lake for a few days, so we were able to get together for lunch and spend time hearing all about our son and his service. They truly love him as their own, and we are so grateful to this great couple who are taking care of our son. We loved hearing what a fine missionary he is and how hard he works. We are so proud! During lunch, Brother Fisher just happened to get a text from an Elder Nelson", but because he is a rule keeper, we only got a "Hello" through Bro. Fisher, and a friendly wager that his mother would cry before the visit was over. Sorry Brother Fisher, I couldn't hold back the tears knowing they would be hugging him before I would.
We send a very warm thank you to these wonderful people and all of the people of the South who are taking such good care of our son.