Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 Stayin in Southaven...

Hello family,

Well...We had a baptism... So, on Thursday night we went by to see Crystal and Keith to make sure they were ready for their baptism and everything. I was able to give both of them copies of the BOM from the kids in the ward (that you sent me). Elder Zendejas and I added our testimonies to them as well. They loved them and we got to tell them about the different activities that YM and YW do, like Youth conference, and Crystal was so excited for her daughter to be old enough to go. So, we left Thursday and everything was cool. On Friday, we went and filled the font and everyone came, about 5 minutes before neither one of them were there and we were stressin out a bit, then Keith came through the door. A couple minutes later Crystal calls and says she won't be coming, having a family we had Keith's baptism and it was awesome. Brother Payne, a convert of about 3 years, a stud, gave the talk and he talked about all the churches he visited and how he finally found the one with all the answers and all of the truth, and how much it had changed his life, which was cool because that was exactly what Keith's life has been, and after Keith bore his testimony to us about exactly that. It was awesome. We saw Crystal after, and she still wants to be baptized so we are going to reschedule her date tomorrow when we see her.

So, we got transfer calls this morning and Elder Zendejas is heading out, so I will be getting a new companion. I'm excited, I just hope he likes to work. It can be hard to get out and work hard when you don't have a companion that is willing to. But if he is, we are going to have all kinds of success in Southaven.
It is funny, I was talking to Elder Lisch this morning and he was talking about how before a couple months ago, Southaven was known as being one of the dead areas in the mission, and that baptisms just didn't happen here. I am really happy that we have been able to do some good stuff here and hope it continues. The mission goal is to have every missionary companionship baptize every month, so we can't be the weak link. haha

So, answers to your questions...
Yes, I did recieve mom's package, thank you very much:)
The weather has been great all week until today, it is pouring... bummer, disc golf is hard in the rain! We have been getting out on the bikes quite a bit lately. With it being so nice out, we don't want to waste the weather being in the car when we don't have to be.

This week is going to be a good one...keep us in your prayers.
I love you guys,
Love, Elder Nelson

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