Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

oi! first things first, I know the new baby's name before any of you!!! cant tell you though, T Bizzy wont let me... but I wanted to rub it in... so there. I'm the favorite member of the family.
Anywho, Crystal got baptized!!! It was so awesome, she is going to be an awesome member.The baptism was amazing, there was also a guy named Ciso Martinez who got baptized with her. It was cool. I was able to confirm her on Sunday which is always fun.

Earlier this week we were sitting there and didn't have anything to do but tract and we were like lets call Crystal and see who she knows. She ended up giving us like 10 names of friends she wanted to hear about the gospel, then she told us how she was at the gas station this week and the lady at the counter was having a terrible day, she gave her a Book of Mormon and told her it was something that really helped her when she was struggling, pretty cool haha I wish more members would do that, we would baptize like hot cakes!!

The ward is about to take off here though. The Bishop just issued a ward challenge to have one missionary experience this month. if everyone in the ward took that challenge it would be amazing.
Also mom... I'm no longer your son... haha I was adopted by one of our investigators... her name is Betty, she is an older lady who is basically wheel chair bound. she told us since she had never had any children that we were her adopted sons. I made sure that she knew that Elder Crotts was Jacob and I was Esau... I'm definitely the unruly one. HaHa Betty is so cool though. she loves the church and should be getting baptized in a couple weeks, I'm really excited for it, and she says once the pecans start falling she is going to make us a pecan pie!!! yeah!
We don't have much else goin on. Southaven is an interesting area, we don't teach a lot of lessons and we do a lot of walking around tracting, but I'm pretty sure over the last 4 months we are the highest or 2nd highest Baptizing ward in the mission... we are being blessed.
I love you guys, let me know when the little one comes!
love elder nelson

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