Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011


So, Madeline is so dang cute... haha I loved getting the pictures, I have been showing them off to people. That is going to be really weird having Jamison that close to me. You will have to find out where he is going to be staying, he could be within 10 minutes of me. Weird. I'm guessing he will probably be staying in O mound or Frayser or Raleigh.

Anyways, had another weird week. We don't get a lot of lessons, but the ones we had are really good. Betty is getting baptized this Saturday, that will be awesome. She is loving the church, and is so excited to be baptized... We took Crystal by the other day for a lesson and they really hit it off, it was cool. We also went and started teaching Sean. It went pretty well, he is a quiet kid so it was tough getting him to participate in the lesson, but it ended up going pretty well. We had a member drive out to their house with us, and on the ride home he got pulled over because he didn't move onto the shoulder to pass a cop on a one lane road with no shoulder... It was ridiculous.

Not much else goins on other than Elder Crotts and I have entered into the chili cook off this Wednesday at the church trunk-or-treat. We are going to WIN!!! haha not sure what we are going to dress up as though.

I love you guys once again. Hopefully there is more to tell about next week.

Love Elder Nelson

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