Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

Had a weird week. I told you that we were going down to Memphis for a mission tour and to hear Elder Allen speak. He is the head of the missionary department for the church. We went down there on Thursday and it was awesome, and I also stayed down for Leadership training on Friday. Both days war intend to Elder Allen and President Peterson as well as a guy named Brother Donaldson for about 7 hours. It was sweet. The mission is going to change a ton. They talked about some of the things that the mission has done just as traditions, like a conference call every Monday night with the leadership in the mission. Well, all the things that aren't in the book are now gone, so we won't have months zone meetings either, which means I get to prepare more district meetings... We are pretty excited though. He also said no more tracking!?!? haha his words were "it's stupid, it's unproductive, stop... so we are going to be working a lot more with the members. It is going to be a lot different, but will boost the mission in the long run. We have been averaging about 30 baptisms a month as a mission, but we have set a goal to start getting 80 and then go even farther and get 150 a month! We are really excited.

Next week we will find out who is getting transferred, but it is sounding like Elder Dannatt will be leaving. It is pretty amazing how much he has grown over the last couple of months. It has been pretty cool to watch.

Tell everyone hello for me!
I love you guys!
Love, Elder Nelson

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