Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hello family,

We had ourselves a pretty awesome week. President Peterson gave all the missionaries a challenge to find one new investigator each day this week. We got out and contacted a ton of people and were able to get one every day and ended up with 10 , it was awesome. Hopefully, it will mean a lot of teaching this coming week. We probably won't be moving until the Fishers get back from Utah.

So Wednesday we were walking around talking to people in Humboldt down in the ghetto. We came up on the local basketball courts and there were about 50 kids out playing ball. We went up to contact some and see if we could get some investigators to teach and they started heckling us a little bit, so I challenged one of them to a basketball game. It got a pretty good laugh from the crowd that this white boy in church clothes was going to play, until I stomped the first kid. Well the rules of the court are that if you win, you keep playing until you loose a game. Well, I ended up playing 10 games and never lost , so I just told them we had to go. One of the kids there named Reggie is a pretty religious kid, and started asking us some questions. We ended up teaching him and he is pretty interested in the church. We are going to keep teaching him. It was pretty cool and a lot of fun. Now when we walk through Humboldt, everyone knows us and gives us shout outs. Hopefully we can have ourselves another good week this week.

I love you guys! Hope all is well...
Love, Elder Nelson

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