Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012


Here goes the recap of our week.  3 days, 1200 miles, 3 states... 1 night spent in our own bed.  I told you what our plans were last week so I won't bore you with them again, but I will say that when we returned home our AC was broken and it was the weekend so the people at the office had gone home, so we have been crashing with the Spanish Elders for the last couple of days.

This week was pretty awesome.  We didn't get to do a lot of work in our area, but we set 2 more dates which takes the grand total at the moment to 6, we also had a really cool experience at church.  So, we were supposed to have a few people at church, we called them yesterday morning and none of them answer so we are sitting at the back of the chapel just bummed out, none of them were there and to top it off the Stake President had come so we were pretty embarrassed.  In the middle of sacrament I had a feeling that we needed to go to this guy named Jamal's house that lived pretty close to the church, but we were in sacrament so I said no.  Again, it came to me "get up and get Jamal"  "NO"  "get up and get Jamal,  it's the middle of sacrament come on" "get up and get Jamal, he needs you",  "ALRIGHT" haha so I leaned over to Elder Carter and said "I'm going to get Jamal, you comin"?  Yep, we ran outside, drove to his house, woke him up and he followed us to church.  We sat down feeling pretty good while the the last 20 minutes of sacrament wound down and watched as one by one 5 more of our investigators came in and sat down.  It was so cool.  After the meeting we asked Jamal how he was feeling and he said "man, I needed to get up there and say something".  Unfortunately he didn't know he could.  During the day he was asked to introduce himself twice, once in gospel essentials and once in priesthood and both times he said I'm Jamal, gave a brief bio and said I'm planning on being baptized here in the next few weeks.  Elder Carter and I couldn't help but smile and give a fist bump behind his back.  After priesthood ended he was swarmed by members inviting him to their home and to activities, it was really cool.  It taught me real quick not to ignore a promoting.

I am glad ya'll have turned into the missionaries "go to" meal, that is pretty cool.  There are very few people out here that we would feel comfortable just showing up and asking to have dinner.  Ya'll must be doin something good.

We are looking forward to this upcoming week to get out and work our tails off and find more people.  We have a zone training meeting tomorrow that we are planning right now.  We aren't sure what to focus on, but we are thinking companion unity and something else to do with teaching.  We found out that our mission is one of the top finding and baptizing missions but our percentage of those found who get baptized is the lowest in the States, so we need to improve our teaching.

Thanks ya'll for all your support and prayers, I love ya!!
Love, Elder Nelson

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