Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hey y'all!

So I have to be quick because I only have 10 minutes on the computer.  As you know Elder Carter was transferred and my new companion is Elder Scott from Ogden.  He is the same Spanish speaking Elder Scott that spent a week with us in Southaven and has lived across the street from me for the last 5 months.  They made him a zone leader and moved him across the parking lot.  We are super excited to serve together.  We are what is called a Zebra companionship, meaning that we will teach both english and spanish investigators as well as our Zone leader duties.  It will be fun.

We had a great week this week, we have basically been falling bass ackwards into blessings all week that culminated with 9 investigators at church.  It was awesome, we have about 5 part member families we are teaching right now, so next month could be a great one.

On Friday we had probably one of them most powerful lessons of my mission, we have an investigator we have been working with ever since I have been here, she had completely changed her life and was doing awesome.  But then her whole life fell apart around her.  She was still holding strong but on Friday we went by and she had fallen back into all her old habits and was struggling.  We had no idea what to say, but I had an impression to read from Alma Chapter 5 which is a pretty bold chapter.  We started off by telling her that for the next 10 minutes we are going to make all of us feel like the scum of the earth, but by the end we would change our lives, so we did.  We figured out everything that was holding us back from being exactly what Heavenly father expects us to be and committed to get rid of them.  It was unbelievable how powerful the spirit was.  By the time we left her, her entire countenance had changed.  We are really excited.

Anyways, I am out of time, but I love y'all!  Have a good day!
Love elder Nelson

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