Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surprise email... 11/10/12

Hey y'all!!!

I don't have much time but I hopped on for a quick email.  I wasn't able to go to Blytheville because their baptism was too close to ours, however, Lenora was Baptized!!! and it was amazing!  She is awesome.

This week has been pretty weird.  We actually were able to find a couple of pretty solid people for Elder Scott and his new comp to teach and spent a lot of time getting Lenora ready for today, but it went great.  In a few minutes we are going to go do some service for a member who is feeding us tonight, then tomorrow we are going to be attending two church meetings because the Spanish Branch just joined with our ward, so Sunday School classes are going to be together but they will have a separate sacrament meeting and we are going to go to the first one.  Then we are going to eat at a members home along with a couple other families.  Then I gotta go out and find a couple more people.  I'm excited to see everyone.

Love y'all!!!
Elder Nelson

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