Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 17, 2010

Dear Mom,

To answer your questions: My best experience so far is we had a devotional by Elder Pearson of the Quorum of the Seventy's, the spirit was amazing. He talked about us no longer being the boys were were at home but the desciples we need to be in order to be great missionaries. We have to do what we are supposed to do 100% of the time or we won't get everything we can out of our missions. My worst experience is the food... awful! and my funniest experience so far is my companion and I staged a fake fight for some new Elders that were coming into our room. (Me and my comp were the only two in our room the first week). It was awesome and we all had alot of good laughs. As far as my testimony, I went into this thinking that I could do it by myself, and quickly learned that that wasn't possible. In order for me to be the missionary I can be I must give myself completely to the Lord. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, but since I made the decision that I need to be a desciple and not Jake Nelson the baseball player or whatever I was at home, things have been so much better, and I have been happier.
Anyway, thanks for the updates on the gamnes, I was dying on Saturday not being able to watch, and didn't even know the outcome till tuesday!!! I was so excited though, especially hearing that Utah got thumped. BYU is going to win this year!!! It's great. The Jazz updates are awesome too, they are getting a chanpionship while I'm gone!!
The MTC is a rollercoaster, some days I want to come home and give up, and I feel terrible, and some days I feel like I could go out and teach right now! I miss you guys so much.
I think it might be easier for you to send me some cardvoard or something to tape my phot card to to send it home. I made a couple videos for you so you can put it in your camera and watch! thanks for working on my car. I'm sure Josephine looks amazing! Don't worry about me, I am doing great, my comp is a redneck, so we are getting along great!!! Tell everyone hello for me and I love then. Love Elder Nelson ps. Oh, and keep praying for me, I need them

I love you guys so much, thank you for everything, you are amazing. Give me a honk on the way home from the game on Saturday, we are in the building on the far southwest corner of the MTC, so you know haha 4th floor. Keep praying for me.

Sorry I'm not there to help with the leaves, honestly there have been times when I would rather ve doing that, but I'm good now. I love you so much and hopefully I'm not forgetting to tell you something because I only get 30 min. on the computer every week at like 11:30, so I gotta hurry, the computer shuts off when the timer runs out. Send pictures, I can't open them on the computer so send them snail mail, I can't even tell you how much I miss you. Oh well, love you guys, keep cheering on my teams... Elder Jake Nelson

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