Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wahoo!!! First Letters 2 at once

Mom and Dad;

Shoot, today has been a blur, things have gone by so fast. My comp is awesome. His name is Elder Leavit, he is from Moapa Valley NV. (The hole you go through on your way to Lake Mead, is how he puts it). He is a football player and seems cool. We are getting along great so far. We got here today and met with our zone. Our zone is cool, we have an Elder and a Sister from Australia, but we are the only two going to Arkansas, everyone else is going to Everett Washington. I am doin good guys, I miss you like crazy but so far it has been good. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. My P days are on Wednesday, so that will be the day I can respond to you. By the way, I am the only lad in here without treats, so you should send some, and some listerine strips so I don't feel bad getting treats from others. My zone leaders are cool too, pretty relaxed so it's going to be good.

When I first got here I ran into Elder Hilton and we talked for like half an hour, it was great, they are sending him to Pocatello on monday until his visa comes through, so tell Gary and Karleen to watch for him. We had a good talk though and he is doin good. I also ran into Elder Farley and Elder Glenn, it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Anyways, I am supposed to be asleep so I've got to go. I love you and miss you so much.

Love Elder Jake Nelson

Letter 2

Mom and Dad there are a few things I didn't tell you that I forgot, please send vitamins, I was told to take them so I don't get sick. My second day was great. People say it takes some time to get into the flow and start enjoying it. It's tough to get going, but I am loving it already. Elder Leavitt is awesome. We are getting along great, and we are alot alike.

They made me District Leader today by the way. So I am over the 12 missionaries in our district. We spend pretty much the entire day together. The district is great, we have some good Elders and Sisters. Tell T-Bizzy her letter didn't come, no idea why.

The check I sent you I found in my pocket, so you know. So you all know you don't have to send me letters just use and I will get them that day. Make sure when you write to let me know what is going on in the outside world. We don't hear anything in here.

Tell everybody hi, I love you all soo much and I miss you like crazy!!!! Love Elder Jake Nelson

p.s. send me and my comp a case of mountain dew!!!


  1. Wahoo! He is in the right place! I'm so proud and happy for him. This makes me realize how important it was for him to make the decision to go, on his own. I don't think he would have enjoyed it or embraced it as well, had he not had the yearning to go on a mission. So proud of my baby bro!

  2. Oh, I am so glad he is doing well! I think about him a lot and wonder what he is up to and if he is doing ok? He sounds so grown up in those letters! I have finally realized he isn't that little kid chasing me around the house with a bat anymore! :) Man I miss him, but I am so proud of him! Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping us all updated!