Friday, November 26, 2010

November 24, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad;

Sorry this is coming so late, the computers were down so I was just able to get on! I wrote you a letter, but now I'm on so oh well. Things are going much better for me, if you get a bill in the mail from the health center don't worry. They told me that I am getting ulcers from stress, so they gave me some pills. I'm doin alright though. We got our itineraries and we leave on Tuesday the 30th at 3:00 a.m. so be ready for a call around 4:00 to 4:30:) You can wake up that early... haha Thank you so much for the package tonight... It was really fun opening it. (We sent a bowling set, so he didn't have to miss the annual family Thanksgiving bowling, and a BYU football, with alot of party treats.) It was really sweet!! Actually both of them (Pies). My district/whole apartment floor loves you!

Make sure you Dear Elder me this Saturday as soon as the game is over, so I can know what happened (BYU UTAH) I will be freaking out. I could hear the game on Saturday and it was killing me knowing you were so close, and that I was missing it. I got to sing along to the fight song though!!! I could hear that well! I even knew every play they ran!!! Let me know how the basketball team is doing too, and the Jazz, and Eric and the Chargers!!

I can't wait to get our of here and go to Arkansas!! I did write to Dusty today too, we need to get him baptized.

I sent my camera card to you yesterday, so it should get there soon. It has some good pictures on it. You are amazing, sorry if I forgot to tell you anything. I have to get to class pretty soon so I've got to wrap up. I love yall so much and miss you like crazy. Two years is going to fly by though, this past week has felt like a day.

Oh, I ripped my pin stripped suit pants, is there a way I can ship them home and you fix them? they are pretty bad, I can't do it myself. Our new roommates are pretty cool, one of them is about 6'6" and looks just like Thomas! It's freaky, he just has black hair. Anyway, I've got to run, teacher is getting mad. I will talk to you on Tuesday morning.

Love you,
your baby boy
Elder Nelson

Oh and something else. The sisters in my district are going to Temple Square, so when you go there you need to find them and say hi, they are sister Wilson, Sister Holliday and Sister Bryars (all Australian) Try and Dear Elder me with scores as often as you can, I don't know anything about the outside world... We are in prison... less sodomy though hahaha Hopefully Dad laughed at that, and I'm sure mom has that half smile half trying not to smile look on her face. Love to all.

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