Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

what up yall?
Here are some answers to your questions:
We no longer teach Sunday School, they have a Gospel Principles teacher in the ward, but on Saturday we got a call from a lady in the ward, and she asked me and Elder Badger if we could teach the laurels class about the restoration of the priesthood, so we had to come up with a lesson plan on the spot. It actually went pretty good, we just took a couple of principles each and it was good.
We are on what is called a car share, so we have a car for 3 weeks, and then we are on bikes for a week. My first week was bike week, and then the last two have been car so we have one more then we are back onto the bikes.
You asked about the rain? Ya it is coming down out there. You wouldn't believe the rain here, it is crazy... so much worse than Utah. I found out that Arkansas/Memphis get just as much rain as Washington a year, but instead of it being like a constant drizzle like it is in Washington, it just dumps buckets once a week, it is crazy.
We did end up having the Baptism, and it was one of the coolest things ever. I sent you a picture of everybody. There were 7 people baptized and it was awesome. I got to baptize Diamond and then I got to confirm Fildal the next day in Sacrament Meeting, that was definitely the coolest part, it was my first time doing that and I was a little worried, but then I started going and knew exactly what to say., I didn't even say the stuff I was thinking about saying... the spirit is unreal.
Stephanie's baptism was super cool, she is scared to death of water so when she started climbing in the font she started to cry, and she freaked out the first time and just sat there and cried for a few minutes and then had to do it again. She has been through some stuff to be able to get baptized, it was so awesome to see her over come her fear of water as well so she could get baptized. I will send home my sim card and it has a video of all of them and she mentions getting in the water, it is pretty funny.
Last night we had an awesome lesson with this girl, it was cool. She had never prayed out loud before and was scared to death to, so we ended up sitting on her porch for 2 hours at the end till she gained the courage to do it, it was super cool. she gave a great prayer. it was tight.
If you could, I also need a copy of the movie "Joseph Smith, prophet of the restoration", and tell Dad that he needs to find the talk "awakening to our awful situation" by Jack Monett. It is one of the craziest things ever. It is by an apostle talking about 911. It's a long one, but I think yall would love it.
Oh, I heard that my investigator in Blytheville A.J. Terrel was Baptized, he was an awesome guy, so I'm so glad he made it.

I love you guys, glad to hear all is going well. can't wait to talk to you.
oh and I hit 6 months soon!! I get to burn a tie!!

love, Elder Nelson

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