Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 Howdy from Frayser Tennessee!!!

Howdy from Frayser Tennessee!! I'll go ahead and answer your questions. 1) where are you, i am in Frayser Tennessee, it is just outside of downtown Memphis. haha if you were worried about me in Blytheville you definitely should be now haha Frayser is the gggghetto! haha 2) who and how is your new companion? where is he from? my new comp is Elder Badger, he is the man. He is from Davis I believe. He was a football and basketball player in high school, so we have some stuff in common. He is also one of our zone leaders. The house we live in is pretty sweet, it is known as the Frayser house. We have 4 missionaries there.The two of us and then Elder Peay and Elder Fry. They are both awesome. we have some good times. 3) when I left my investigators were doing good. I was really sad to say good bye, and I actually had a few crying, it was sad. and then a group of kids we play ball with in the hood started crying when I told them I was heading out, it was rough. I also had some nice comments from some of the members. The Corbett's had us over the last night for ice cream and cookies and brother Corbett had gone out and bought me a cardinals hat. They are awesome. 4)have been wondering about Sammy Dodd? is he still strong? so Sammy suddenly stopped coming to church for like 2 months. when we would go over he was saying he had stuff come up... turns out he decided to go back to his old church. but i went and said goodbye to him before i left. and he told me he would go back. sometime. who knows. So my first week in Frayser was pretty nuts. We had a baptism of a lady named Star, she is one of the coolest people ever. We were supposed to have a mom and her two kids get baptized, and the little girl had actually asked me to do it but then some stuff came up so it won't be happening till the 23rd, but they are awesome. They came to church and the little boy (fildal) was sitting by me, and I asked him if he would go bear his testimony if i did, and he said no way. So I asked why and he said because he doesn't know what to say, so I told him to walk up and say the church is true amen, and he was like alright. So we went up. He went first and it was awesome. then I went, and I turned around and he was waiting for me to go back to our seats. It was awesome. He gave me a hug and we rolled to our seats, no one could believe he did it, including his mom. it was so cool. haha We get fed quite a bit more here than we did in Blytheville, I think we have been fed 4 times this week. it is nice, but im worried im going to pack on the pounds. oh well. I will be alright. Not much else goin on. hopefully I have some good stories for you next week. I love you guys. thank you so much for everything! love elder nelson PS. I always feel safe, I have God on my side... haha

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