Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

Mom, that song you were talking about in your letter about the guiding lights in the storm... that has actually been one of President Peterson's favorite analogies to use.  I love the story, how they had the two lights and when the boats lined them up, they knew they were driving down the safest path.  President always talks about how Christ is the higher light and we are the lower light.  We have to be obedient so that we are in the right place and then we can help to guide the people we meet.  If we aren't where we are supposed to be it is of no use.  Pretty cool.

Anyways, in the Little Rock ward things are going pretty good.  In the past the missionaries have had a tough time with the ward here (we weren't allowed in ward council or PEC.  There are no ward missionaries and they never did any missionary activities or what not).  But, I was able to go talk with the Bishop last week and he allowed us to go into Ward Correlation and talk about missionary work, and things are looking good.  We are planning a movie night where members can bring friends just to watch a church movie, as well as organizing a Bible study class one night a week.  They are also extending some callings to Ward Missionaries.  We ask for your prayers on that because they have had a tough time finding members to accept the calling.   Anywho, it is going to be a big help to be able to get in and find out what is going on in the ward and whatnot.

We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday that was kind of the grand finale to Atonement week, and it was awesome.  We watched the video that I forwarded to you (you should post it on the blog) it is amazing, gave me a whole new perspective on the Atonement.

Things are pretty good here.  Elder Pinchak was actually moved down to Benton Arkansas, so Elder Vea and I are taking over the area and we don't know anything about it yet, so things are a little slow, but they will get better.

Thanks for everything y'all!
Love ya!
Elder Nelson

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