Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 201s

Hey Y'all!!!

We had a crazy week this week.  Our baptisms didn't go through, they aren't quite ready, but we are still working with them.

So to the craziness.  I attached a video up top that happened literally 500 feet from our house.  It was nuts.
Basically, a 14 year old boy stole a wallet from a man at a gas station, and so the man chased him down in his mini van and literally ran him down.  Actually killed him.  ???

Then on Thursday we are out on our porch eating lunch and this drunk lady starts cussing us out.  So we were just kinda listening and laughing, when suddenly this guy walks past... he stops right in from of us and says "Hey, I'm Elvis", and then begins to sing and dance for us.  Then just gave us a wink and continued on his way... THEN... Saturday night the same drunk lady comes up and was yelling stuff, but then she said she was homeless and needed food, and we had some leftover Little Caesar's in the fridge, so I heated some up for her and when I walked out, this little kid was there asking for some, so I gave some to him too.  We sat there while she ate and then told her we had to get in.  So, we go inside and a couple minutes later all of a sudden someone is trying to come through our front door, then through the back door, so we turned out all of the nights and found us a few blunt objects to use as weapons.  haha  Well, it all stopped so we get in bed and 15 minutes later we hear some arguing on our front porch that is followed by 4 gunshots...and by front porch, I mean ON OUR FRONT PORCH.  It was nuts!   It's all good though, we  just went to sleep and no one else bothered us.  Needless to say, I love this area.  Every day there is something new and unexpected.  Can't wait to talk to you guys next week.  Not sure what time or if I will be able to skype...

Love y'all!!!!
Love Elder Nelson

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