Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012


That's pretty cool that you get to talk about me in church Mom.  Kind of a lame topic though.  I'm sure they won't be too mad if you can only think of about 5 minutes worth of things to say...

Things are going good out here though, we had a hectic week, a bunch of stuff happened in my District, so I have been going on exchanges left and right to try and help people out.  Things are better now though.

I don't have a lot of time, we just got done playin  ball with President and now we have to head out to go shopping so I'm going to have to keep it short.  Yesterday we went over to a recent converts house in the ward for a Father's day party, they live in the hood, so it was quite eventful, even included a fight, chitlins, gunshots and a Fathers Day cake!  They let us help cut the cake though because we were "Future Fathers" it was pretty fun.  We were able to escape with food in our bellies and no bullet wounds.  Always a blessing... I gotta run, but I love y'all!!!!

Love, Elder Nelson

Hey Pops,

Sorry I didn't send you anything for Father's day, things have been crazy here.  We have had a bunch of problems in my District, So I have been on exchanges and meeting with President to figure out how to help out some missionaries.  I was thinking of shooting you a text yesterday and saying "Happy Father's Day", but I figured I needed to be obedient.  Things are join good though.  A little slow as far as missionary work goes, but we are working hard.  We are just starting into bike week, so that will be fun, it is supposed to get up to like 97 this week:)

Thanks for everything Pops.  I love ya and happy Father's Day!

Love Elder Nelson

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