Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

We had a pretty fun week this week, we had zone conference on Wednesday up in North Little Rock and spent most of the day up there, it was really good.  Last night was the highlight though, with all the chatter going on about the church down here, they held a devotional titled "Because you asked, We Believe in Christ".  Members were only allowed to come if they brought a non member.  We filled up the chapel at one of the buildings and about half of those attending were non members.  President and Sister Beheshti the Stake President and his wife spoke.  She spoke on what every mother hopes her children and grandchildren will come to know and he spoke about the Book of Mormon.  They were both really good and very spiritual talks.  President Beheshti is a pretty fiery guy, so he threw down about the Book of Mormon, he really didn't give any room for argument.   Afterwards they let people mingle and we went around as missionaries and tried to talk to people and answer some questions, it was really good.  There was one guy that wanted to bash with Prsident Beheshti, but he put him in his spot rather quickly.  It was a lot of fun, even some of the people who are part of the school that denied entry to the little boy because he was mormon came, and a Catholic Priest.  It was all really good.

Elder Nelson is doin good out here in Little Rock, we have run into more anti here than anywhere on my mission, but it's all good, we can handle it.

I love y'all!!!
Thanks for everything,
Love Elder Nelson

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