Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012

Oi!    What's up y'all...

We had a pretty interesting week this week.  On Wednesday we took one of our investigators to the ward mission leaders house and had a lesson with her.  It was an amazing lesson and we set a date with her.  That night she came to institute and loved it, the next day we were in a lesson and received a text from her that said "Hey guys, I'm no longer allowed to meet with you or go to any of your church activities.  Thank you for everything, I love you guys".  We were pretty heart broken but are still praying for her.   We still have hope though.  p.s.  Satan sucks...

Anywho, I think I told you about how our ward mission leaders wife hit a ladies dog and we started teaching her.  Well, we now started teaching her mom, and she is awesome.  She was talking about her beliefs and they lined up perfectly with ours,  she has been prepared.  We taught the restoration and she just cried, she loves the Book of Mormon and knows the church is true.  She said when she saw us walk up she had this incredible feeling come over her and she knew she needed to talk to us, she came to church and cried all through sacrament meeting.  (it's almost not fair for an investigator to come to fast and testimony meeting).  haha  Anywho, we are pretty excited about her.

So, our Stake Conference is next week, and the choir director came and said they needed like 20 people to fill spots in the choir, so Elder Vea, Elder Mayberry, Elder Carson and I went to practice.  We were pretty bad, but are going for it anyway.

We also got permission from President Peterson to plan a Luau.  It's going to be pretty fun.  Elder Vea is going to teach us the Haka and Elder Hanneman is going to come down from conway and do the fire knife dance.  Should be pretty fun.

I love you guys!
Love Elder nelson

ps  chiggers are finally gone!!

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