Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

We are over at the Adney's home e-mailing for today since the library is closed.

This week was a great week, we were able to set a couple more dates, one with a girl named Riley who is getting baptized on the 15th and the other with a girl named Shelby who is getting baptized on the 22nd. We are so excited for it.

On Friday night we went out on splits with a couple of the Priests in the ward.  Elder Scott went with one and I went with another.  Elder Scott was able to see everyone they had hoped to, but all of my appointments fell through, I couldn't let that be this kids first missionary experience so we just started talking to everyone in this apartment complex and we were able to teach 8 lessons and find 3 new investigators including a couple that we contacted at the Sonic after.  (we always take the young men to get a shake after they come out with us)  We went by to see that couple yesterday and committed them to baptism, so hopefully that works out and they will let Daniel (the Priest) baptize them.

I went on an exchange down in Pine Bluff and was able to spend the day with Elder Dannatt, it was a lot of fun, he has grown so much over the last 6 months since he left Trenton, it was great to see.

Elder Scott and I also set personal mission records for lessons taught with members present for our mission, it was awesome and it seems like every lesson we teach there is a member there.  Keep praying for us so we an get these people baptized, I can't leave Little Rock without any.  haha

I love you guys!
Have a great week!
Love Elder Nelson

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