Monday, February 7, 2011

Greetings from the BLY... Feb. 7, 2011

hello everyone!

I have a story to make you proud this week haha so on saturday we had an eating contest with Sammy dodd at pizza inn, to start off our fast. i won... and i ate 40 pieces of pizza... not a joke. 40 pieces. elder boice had 27 and sammy had 19
As far as investigators, we lost helen and eva it looks like, but ronnie is still looking good, he has a date set for the 26th. we also are teaching a guy named allen, who is looking promising, he lives with a member of the ward. We also met a lady named diane, she is awesome. and we asked her to be baptized, she said yes but we haven't yet set a date. keep praying for us to find people. the finding is rough!!

I tought gospel principles yesterday... on the creation, it went alright i think, I hate teaching, it is stressful!! dont know why, but it is. Elder Boice and one of the members make some great comments and it really helps.

we were trackting the other day and met a family that was out playing football, I picked up the ball and tossed a bomb to one of them haha they now call me Tebow... they see missionaries and don't think we can walk with coordination haha it was sweet, they seem to like us and one of the daughters is reading the bom now.

We had another chick hitting on us too, haha we walked out of bk the other day. and this girl runs out and was like hey the girl in there wants to know if yall have girlfriends... haha we told her no and that we couldn't for 2 years and whatnot, but we decided that from now on we are just going to tell them that "we are companions" and leave it at that.

Things are goin in the bly though. We are workin hard and praying for some success, it will come. everything back home sounds like it is goin well. I'm not happy you waited till i left to get new phones haha. oh and go jimmer!! he is the man!
love yall, talk to you next week.

love elder nelson

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