Monday, February 21, 2011

First Transfer, Staying in Blytheville...So long Elder Boice

Thank you and good luck to Elder Boice, a great trainer, companion and friend... We had a lot of great times!!!
Hey yall!

Alls well up here in good ole bly vegas. This week was pretty sweet, went on exchanges with another greeny from Jonesboro, he came over here, his name is Elder Bradshaw and we taught up a storm one of the days, it was pretty sweet.

Q & A
1) How are your investigators coming?
the investigators are doin well. Things are kinda on hold right now with our baptismal dates. 2 of them live in caruthersville, Ronnie and Allen. Ronnie was supposed to be in church this week, but didn't come, we don't know what is going on. Allen is looking good but the member that he lives with had a stroke this week so they are up in n. Missouri at the hospital for awhile. we do have one baptismal date, Jessi ottinger, that is doin well. pretty sure he will get baptized, just have to teach him everything.
2) Have you still dodged the bullet on speaking in church? At least you now have a talk ready...haha I'm glad it was the Corbett's that did that to you and not me!!! i have dodged the bullet so far. but i did teach gospel principles yesterday, it went well i think, it is weird, i am not a fan of it.
3) How is your teaching going? the teaching is goin. I'm not quite the teacher i can be yet. i have a ton to learn.but it will come along.
4) were the valentine cookies still fresh when you got them??
yes the cookies were fresh, and awesome.
5) Was the planner cover okay? I was hoping to get all of the grand kids to help, but I never was able to get them together at the same time. Send more.
yes the planner cover was sweet, I'm carrying it around right now. it looks good. i will send another one home with my next box.

So we got a call from President this morning, Elder Boice is getting transferred over to Jonesboro so we will still be in the same district, we will go down to transfer meeting on Wednesday and find out who my new comp. is, hope he is a good one haha

not a whole lot else going on. we are going to play some baseball in a few...
oh! we got the cops called on us last night. it was sweet, we chained our bikes to a stop sign because Elder Boice got a flat, and some lady thought we were somehow scheming (or however you spell that) and were going to use the bikes to come and shoot her family, it was ridiculous. haha

hope all is well at home. the mission is the bomb . com
love yall.
love elder nelson

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