Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Feb. 14, 2011

hey yall!

That is sweet that everybody is getting their calls right now, tell everyone congrats for me, that is way exciting. I have been praying for chase as well, that would be tough to have to come home.
I got to fix one of your statements mom. haha our church doesn't "mirror" Jesus Christ's church... it IS Jesus Christ's church haha the same dang one! greatest thing ever!
I just wish more people could understand that.
I have to reprimand you for taking Stella to the Justin Beiber movie too... that is terrible. that kid... just terrible haha
The work is going good, on Wednesday we made it up to Caruthersville and had some good lessons. We were able to set a date with Allen smith, we also set dates this week with Phillip foster who is the guy who had a date when I first got out and then disappeared, and we set a date with a guy named Jessi Ottinger who just got married to a lady in the ward, hopefully I stay around for another transfer so I can see them go through.
On Saturday we had exchanges, that is what the picture of the 3 of us in the truck are. It is me, elder kelly and the ward mission leader Chuck Layton. We had a good time and had some really good lessons, other than a guy and his gf who where wasted haha elder Kelly might be in Lindsay and Tim's ward by the way, he lives right over by the stake center, that would be pretty sweet if he was, he is for sure in their stake though.

So the story for the week, on Saturday night we are getting ready for bed. and we get a call from the Corbett's... they said they were sick and weren't going to be able to speak in church the next morning and that we were speaking...yep as you can imagine, I freaked out and started writing a talk, went into bed at midnight and slept probably a total of an hour then about 15 minutes before church they call and say that it was all a was terrible. haha life of a missionary...

anyways. everything is goin well out here. I miss yall like crazy but I'm enjoyin what i am doin.
love you guys
elder nelson

Hey pops,

Everything is goin pretty darn good. I heard about Sloan, we decided that we are now going to refer to d will as D- bag because that's what he is. The jazz will miss Jerry.
The teaching is goin well, we have 4 dates right now, one with Ronnie for the 26th of this month and then Allen smith, Phillip foster and Jessi Ottinger are on the 12th of march, they are all pretty solid I think. Allen needs to quit smoking, but is improving. Ronnie needs to figure some stuff out. and Phillip needs to come to church, but were praying for them. I won't find out till next Monday whether or not I am going to get transferred, they tell you Monday, and then you leave on Wednesday, who knows what will happen, we will see. Everything seems to be holding up well. The front of my shoes are falling off, just the rubber, but they are holding up well. water doesn't get through them.
The weather is awesome today. We are about to head over to play some basketball in the park, it is in the upper 50's i think.

Love you, Elder Nelson

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