Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Wassup Family,
Here is what happened last week with my transfer. We taught this lady twice and then she came to church with us. After church Elder Badger gets a text on the phone that says "Hey, I need to talk to Elder Nelson...but he was on the church bus, so he just text back as me. Anyway, she then asked if I was taken. haha I guess she didn't know that missionaries couldn't date. So I had to get moved so that she wouldn't get baptized because of me, but because it's true. So no big deal at all. I am now in Southaven. It is one of the wealthier areas in the mission. It is really different, a lot more people with the "I'm Good where I'm at" mentality, but it's all good. We will find some people. They had one investigator when I got here, but we were able to go and find a few more this week and found a lady named Kristy that is really cool. She has been going through some stuff, and when we asked if we could help her with anything before we left, she started crying and said "she thinks we already have started too". It was cool, she is an awesome lady.
The ward is a lot more like a Utah ward, it is much bigger and doesn't have any of the baptist mentality like Memphis lst ward did...a lot of the members are students at the Optometry school here, so it is a good mix of old and young people.
We have a set of sister missionaries that serve nearby and are in the same ward. They are cool, one is heading home this week, and the other is from a little island in the pacific called "Kittypes" or something, pretty sure I am slaughtering that. haha
My companion is Elder Zendejas. He is from San Bernadino, CA. He is pretty cool, real into computers and whatnot. He has been out for 18 months.
So Canitra was baptized on Saturday! and she had asked me to baptize her, so they allowed me to go back up there so I could. It was really cool and fun to be able to see everyone up there again. It was an amazing baptism. I hate to say that some are bigger than others, but his one was really cool. She has changed so much since we first met her. She and her mom are going to be amazing members of the church. Before I left, I made them promise that they would never stop going to church. haha
Not a whole lot else going on. I don't know how long I am going to stay here, but hey! only a handful of missionaries here ever serve in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Mississippi, and I have already done it in the first 7 months... haha
I love you guys, sorry for making yall worry. I told you it was nothing big...
Thanks for all the support... Love Elder Nelson
ps. Matt Glazier's aunt and uncle (that were in Lake Powell with me) were called to be mission presidents in Argentina.. I wonder if that is the same mission as Matt Kelly??

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