Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hey yall!!!
Alright, if you have the missionaries over don't feed them spaghetti...that is always the go to for people out here. haha I think they would love BBQ. Don't do a roast either, they would also like enchiladas.

So this week was insane. On Tuesday we went to ball and this kid named Reggie (thug) started a fight with like the nicest kid ever. Things went nuts and I had to carry him outside and kick him off the church grounds while he was telling his posse to go kill the kid. Then he immediately called one of his friends to go get him. It was crazy.

Then on Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Cyre (seer) he has been out like 3 weeks. We went over to a recent convert named Stephanie's house, and when we get there there were some people outside arguing, so we went inside and all of a sudden the argument went to people screaming and yelling threats and running around. Then one of the kids went and got like 30 of his friends and they came back and were throwing stuff at the house and I'm pretty sure there were some guns and stuff. Anyways, while all this was happening, Stephanie was like "Yall might want to get out of here, it is going to get messy", but I just told her we were going to make sure she and her kids were alright, so we said a prayer with her and then sat on the couch until everything had calmed down. No gunshots went off, but when we went out after it was all over, there was an ambulance there, so I don't know exactly what happened... she was kind of acting funny the whole time though and I was worried that she may be mad we were staying, but then yesterday she went up in front to bare her testimony (which was really cool to see her up there) and she went up and told the story and started crying because she had never been apart of a church or known anyone that would do that for her...It was really cool. I started crying...and then I looked up at Brother Floyd (he is like the missionary's right hand man in Memphis) and he was crying, it was pretty cool. The church really is like a family and it was funny because the whole time I was there it didn't seem like that big of deal. It was awesome.

THEN, last night we went to another recent converts house, Star, she is pregnant and she told me that if she has a boy it is going to be named after me...haha at least the middle name. Coolest part is regardless of what it is, it is going to be named after someone in the Book of Mormon. Either Sariah Cumorah Taper, or Mosiah Jake Taper. haha pretty sweet.

Things are going well though. We are supposed to have a baptism, a girl named Kenitra. She is Star's 12 year old daughter. We are pumped for that. She is really cool.

I love you guys, thank you so much for all of your support. Tell all the fellas in the ward that are heading out "Hello" for me!
Love, Elder Nelson

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