Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey Family!
So first off, yall have got to check out this video. fox 13 news in Memphis followed Elder Badger around in my old area:( and did a special on us haha pretty funny...
anyways, things have been awesome. We set a date with Willie!!! it was so cool. We also met President Petersen Saturday morning, and he was a stud. He was a lot like Pres. Drewes, but President Drewes was all about getting the job done, even if it meant skipping out on a few rules. President Petersen is all about being exactly obedient and miracles will follow...we bought in!!! and then went out to the car and snapped all of our cd's that weren't basically motab.. but then we went by Willie's and we were talking to him and he was giving us the same stuff as always...he wants to get baptized but isn't ready, and I was just praying for some inspiration to know what to say, and then it hit me, so I started to talk and the next thing I knew I asked him if he will get baptized on the 23rd, and he said was so cool. We are planning on seeing all kinds of miracles.
Willie has been welcomed by the ward so much. He plays soccer every Saturday with all the guys, and is going disk golfing with us and a member today. He has had dinner at members homes, and people talk about him in lessons and how much he has helped them, and he has been opening up about how much we and the ward have helped him. It has been really cool. Every time we go over he talks about how much his life has improved since he started meeting with us. I am pumped. We have got to find some more people though. We will.
So we started this new thing here in Southaven. I sent it to you and it will explain it hopefully a little more. Basically we are giving members of the ward rubber bands and the rubber bands allow us to eliminate all unhappiness from our lives. It sounds really cheesy, but it really works.
Hopefully Elder Z won't be mad for me saying this, but he has been in the dumps for a few weeks now. We started this thing and we have been doing so much better. I am turning into such a goober... I promised myself I wouldn't, but whatever. It's inevitable.
It was pretty fun going to church yesterday and all the members we had done it with had their rubber bands on and were snapping each other. It was way cool. It has now spread through the mission to I think 4 or 5 areas. They are all doing it now.
Not much else going on. Just been having some fun and workin hard.
I love you guys!
love Elder Nelson

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