Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 6, 2011

Hey everybody,
Sorry I wasn't able to e-mail on Monday or yesterday, the library was closed for the 4th of July and then yesterday we had some people we needed to see, so I told Elder Z that we would have to put it off. Anyways, things are actually picking up quite a bit. Willie came to church again, this time he stayed for all 3 hours. It was really a cool meeting. We also had a less active we working with bring his cousin. We are sitting in Sacrament and this 8 year old girl bears her testimony about getting baptized and the spirit was incredible. This guy Jason, just looked over and asked "what do I have to do to get baptized". It was really cool. The sisters in the ward had a similar experience with a guy they have been teaching who is going to get baptized now. It was a really good experience.
We also had a lesson in Priesthood on Charity. Brother Peirce (the guy that you helped with the apartments) , (I can't remember exactly what he said), but it was about the judgment and my thoughts on it were that so many churches/religions worry about the punishment we will receive from our mistakes, when we really should be judged on our righteous actions. I think that hit Willie when he said it, and it was really cool. We are going by to see him tonight and are planning on setting a date. I'm excited!
Another cool story, yesterday, we were blitzing our area. Basically I went with Elder Allen and Elder Z. went with Elder Lisch. We went and worked for awhile. But Elder Allen and I contacted this guy named Johnnie. When we walked up he was pretty hostile to us, and Elder Allen was about to go back at him, but for some reason I felt like we shouldn't, so I just read a scripture from the BOM to him. He ended up opening up to us a little and told us how he had lost his kids about a year ago. I asked him what it would mean to him if he could be his children's father forever, and he got a little teary eyed and said it would mean the world to him. He invited us back to teach him, so I am really excited for that.
So on the 4th, we played disk golf with Willie in the morning again. (by the way, right after you sent me those disks, he gave me like five of his. haha I think that makes me a legit golfer... Anyway, it was pretty fun, and I almost beat him, which is amazing, because he is unreal. I think I will beat him before this transfer is over though. After that we went over to the Drake's home and had a BBQ with them and the former Bishop's family, the Taylor's. We spent a few hours there and then went and played some more disk golf. We then picked up the Senatobia Elders because they were spending the night at our apt. and they totalled their car on a raccoon a couple of days ago.
Things have been really good though. I told myself that this area was going to get turned around and it is. I was told no one has really worked hard here in awhile, so it is prime!!
I haven't been able to meet Pres. Petersen yet. We are having interviews with him down in Senatobia on Saturday. I am excited for that. I have been told that he is much like Pres. Drewes. The biggest difference is that Pres. Drewes was all about doing whatever it takes to get it done and Pres. Peterson is about getting the Lords help in everything and that miracles will begin to happen. It's pretty cool though because Pres. Drewes has been taking about that kind of stuff for a couple of transfers now, and it has led perfectly into Pres. Peterson. haha It is what we refer to as one of those "church coincidences"...
That's so cool to hear a out everybody in the ward heading out on their missions. Who all is out and when do the rest of them head out? You will have to let me know...
I love you guys, thank you for everything...
Love Elder Nelson

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