Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Happy Pioneer Day Yall!!!

Willie got baptized!!! It was so awesome. All day on Saturday I was worried about the baptism, and then about 2 hours before, he text and asked what he needed to wear.. it was awesome. The service was the best I have been apart of on my mission. It was so awesome. He has built some friendships with some of the guys in the ward from playing soccer, so there was quite a good turnout, and his parents came as well. Brother Pierce, the guy that came to Salt Lake, gave a talk and then Brother Watt, one of the members here, baptized Willie...after the baptism, Bishop Westenskow spoke, welcoming Willie to the ward and he gave an amazing talk. He is a really cool guy and is jumping into being Bishop. He has helped us out a ton and is really taking an interest in the work. I got to get up and bear my testimony during the baptism as well, which was cool. I just told Willie's parents how awesome he was and how fun it had been to see him prepare to get baptized...I think his parents liked the whole night a lot.
Yesterday he was confirmed during sacrament meeting and he was like "yall need to teach me how to do the offering stuff", so we showed him the slips and he paid his tithing right then and there. sooo cool. I don't think I have had anyone jump into the gospel like he has. He has embraced everything...He is an awesome dude.

So I have to tell you about the Gossett family. We had dinner at their house about 2 weeks ago and Brother Gossett told us if we ever don't have a dinner apt. to just call them and they would make it happen. So we have been over there 4 times now, and they are so cool. Brother Gossett owns a body shop and he just talks to me about all his cars that he has owned and the cars he is fixing up right now. Some of his old stories are hilarious. I just kept thinking what a funny night it would be if we could get him, dad, Gary Reynolds and Jeff Penrose together...he had us laughing all night long. They are so awesome. For the next High Priest activity Brother Gossett is having the High Priests over and they are going to blow up a beaver dam with dynamite...haha

We have been getting out and tracting quite a bit. We are still hoping to find some more baptisms. I found a scripture the other day that I liked. It is Jeremiah 16:16, it just says that in this dispensation that fishers would be sent and then the beginning of the restoration, missionary work was like fishing. They could cast their nets out and pull in a bunch of fish at once. But now missionary work is more like hunting. You have to go out and search high and low for the elect. So that is what we are going to do!!! haha

I love you guys. Thank you for everything you do for me!
Love Elder Nelson

ps...Tell everyone hellllooo for me! and the church is true!!! Here is a great quote:
"I would rather be a Mormon, and know I am going to hell, than be anyone else, and not be sure."
haha and thus it is, amen... love you guys!

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