Sunday, April 1, 2012

A wonderful visit with the Fishers

We had a wonderful visit with the "Fishers" from Humboldt, Tennessee, who live in the Branch where Jake is serving. They were in Salt Lake for a few days, so we were able to get together for lunch and spend time hearing all about our son and his service. They truly love him as their own, and we are so grateful to this great couple who are taking care of our son. We loved hearing what a fine missionary he is and how hard he works. We are so proud! During lunch, Brother Fisher just happened to get a text from an Elder Nelson", but because he is a rule keeper, we only got a "Hello" through Bro. Fisher, and a friendly wager that his mother would cry before the visit was over. Sorry Brother Fisher, I couldn't hold back the tears knowing they would be hugging him before I would.
We send a very warm thank you to these wonderful people and all of the people of the South who are taking such good care of our son.

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