Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012

Hey Y'all!

I don't have a lot of time, but my new area is awesome.  It is the same place they took us the day we entered the field, back a year and a half ago.  (I even got a picture yesterday of the first house I knocked).
The area is called Maple Street.  It is the smallest area in our mission, in the inner city of Little Rock.  It is a pretty rough place.  We get broken into every once in awhile, I had heard, but all is good because my companion is a big guy!!!  His name is Elder Vea, and he is awesome.  He is from Tonga and this is his first time in the United States.  I am loving it.  We are in a ward with 4 other missionaries, so that is fun.

We had a pretty cool experience this week.  They have been teaching this family but weren't able to set a date with them.  On Thursday, we had an awesome lesson with them and were able to set a date for the 5th.  anywho, we went to this appointment with them and another set of missionaries and their investigators, and the other missionary's investigator had their Pastor there and an anti video that they started showing us.  So we kind of started bashing a bit, (threw down on them pretty good), but we were nervous that we may have lost our investigator "Krystal" and her family.  Well, after we left they called and said that we had handled ourselves like true Christians, unlike the other people, and from what they had seen and heard, they knew or Church was even more true.  So we asked them if they wanted to move their date up, and now at least Krystal is going to be baptized this Wednesday.  We are pumped.

So, answers to your questions:
I haven't received your package yet, because everything has to go through the mission home, so it won't get stolen.  They will get it to me at the next meeting.
Our new area is dangerous, but we are protected.
We are about 45 minutes from the mission home.
I told Elder Badger to give you a hug at his homecoming...

I love you guys!
Hope all is well...

Ofa  Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Nelson

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