Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

What up y'all!!

We had us an awesome week.  Krystal was baptized on Wednesday, and it went great.  We also set 8 other dates for this next month!  We were pretty stoked.  President was thinking about closing down Maple Street a few weeks back because it wasn't producing any success, but I don't think he will be able to now!  Krystal's three daughters, Infinity, Adriana and Heaven have a date for this Saturday, we also have 2 scheduled for the 16th with a guy banned Jerry and a day named Denise.  Then on the 26th we have a family that we found, Deborah, Jammell and Tayana.  They are all really cool.  I am really glad to be here.

I am glad that you were able to meet Badge!  Don't worry too much about what he said about Maple Street.  It's not too terribly bad.  haha  Although I did get hit up for food, and cussed out nearly every day this week!  I love it!  Luckily my comp isn't too scared of it.  The other night we had just finished planning and we were siting on the porch.  This drunk lady comes by and starts to cuss us out and yell at us.  So, Elder Vea (who was on the phone with a member) yells out "Hey, REPENT," so she comes running back and he keeps yelling "REPENT"  haha  it was pretty funny to hear him with his broken english..

The other day we went to do some community service at a local park, and we were off in the woods clearing some brush for a hiking trail and all of a sudden he is at the top of this big hill doing some kind of rain dance.  All of the guys we were working with are on parole and had to be there and they are yelling at him to stop so it doesn't start to rain.  So then he started doing the Hakkah!  They were really surprised t hough when he told them his favorite meat was their prized fighting dog... It was a really fun morning.  He has taught me a couple tongan words and phrases, so the whole time we were pretending to talk back in forth in Tongan, in all reality I was just saying "this food is really good" over and over again.

Anywhos, keep us and our investigators in your prayers!

Love y'all!
Elder Nelson

ps.  I received your package and letter... thank you so much.

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