Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey Y'all,

So we had the coolest week ever.  Our zone just had one miracle after another.  To begin the week we had 2 baptisms scheduled in the zone, which was going to drop us way short of our goal.  Monday night we found out that one of the Spanish areas had two investigators commit for the weekend, Pinnacle Mountain committed one and benton committed one.  Since they are all close to us we ended up having the baptism together so there were 5 baptized at the service on Saturday which included our baptism of Shelby.  Then on Wednesday we got a call from Hot Springs and the Elders had committed a guy as well, so we drove down to interview him and found out that the sisters in Hot Springs had just committed 2 people, and to top if all off Elder Dannatt down in Pine Bluff had a baptism as well, and it was his first time getting in the water, so instead of having 2 baptisms in the zone this week we ended up with 9!!!

At the baptism we were able to invite one of our other investigators who had been anti'd.  We committed him to be praying if he needed to be baptized as well, unfortunately he didn't recognize his answer, we were pretty bummed because we didn't have much of anything going on in the area with he and his wife going back to their old church.  On the way home we felt prompted to knock on a door, so we parked and got out and through the rest of the day we were able to teach 8 lessons, which is one of the best days of my mission and find 2 new people to teach.  The next day at church we set dates with them and then as we were leaving this lady named Sister Phillips, who is the only one in her family who isn't  baptized yet ( Over the last two years their family has all joined except for her, she refused to but would come to church).  As she was leaving she came up to us and said "Elders, I want to meet with y'all so I can get baptized and join my family!!!  So she has a date for the 13th as well.  It has just been one miracle after another.

I'm glad to hear all is going well back home.  Transfers are today, Elder Scott and I are staying together for my last transfer which is good, we are having a ton of success together and this zone has never had this much success, so hopefully we will keep goin!!

Thank yall for your prayers!
Love ya, Elder Nelson

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