Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hey y'all!!!

So, I am finally sending some pictures from our recent baptisms.  I have been slacking on the pictures, Lo Siento.  This week was pretty awesome.  I was able to go down to Monticello on an exchange with Elder Weight, it was a lot of fun, we were able to get a lot of good work done including setting a couple of dates with two girls they have been teaching.  We also were able to set a date with Lenora, who is an awesome lady we have been teaching for a couple weeks.  She is getting baptized on the 10th!  so I should have a baptism my last week!!

So, on Saturday we first went and took the Benton Elders to their ward Halloween party because they didn't have a car, it was a lot of fun.  We played some football and some horseshoes.  (turns out I can throw the shoes with the best of em!!!)  then we went to our wards Halloween festival and we dressed up as Tongan Missionaries, threw on some Lava Lava's and flip flops.  Most people thought it was pretty awesome, but we think a couple people didn't know about missionaries get up's there and just thought we were cross dressing.  haha

This morning we woke up a little early and hiked to the top of Pinacle Mountain, which is more of a hill.  It was fun and was a great view.

Thanks for all that y'all do!!

Love ya!
Elder Nelson

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