Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey family,

Had us another great week.  We are having more success and teaching opportunities than I have ever had on my mission.  We started this 40 day fast and I have loved it.  I had gotten rid of a lot of the things I knew were distracting me, but more came with the fast.  It feels amazing to just face all of the things.  We have zone training meeting tomorrow and we are going to build on the 40 day fast.  Our scripture we are basing it around is D & C 123:16 where it talks about the helm of the ship steering it and how the best way to get through the storm is to go "work ways with the wind and the waves" facing them straight on rather than avoiding them.  It was funny, I remember when we would go boating how dad would always hit the waves a certain way, but I never realized why.  Anyways, we are going to take all that we have learned, identify our weaknesses and then hit them head on.  So we are having 2 baptisms for sure on the 20th and hopefully at least 2 maybe 3 more.

Great to hear of the change in age for missionaries.  I can't wait to see how many more missionaries will be in the field over the next two years while those who just left at 19 are still out, as well as those who now get to come out at 18.  Could be some amazing things happening in the world over the next couple years!!!

Anyways, I gotta run, we are playing volleyball with like 20 missionaries and we are late.
I love you guys!
Love Elder Nelson

ps.   I have a request,  All m stuff is brown and yellow.  Could you send me a new set of g's and a new white shirt to wear home.  I am going to leave everything here because it is disgusting.  Thanks!!!

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