Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 13, 2010

Mom and Dad,

Ok, so this week has been pretty sweet. We spent one day in Carutherville Missouri, which is one of the cities in our area. Caruthersville was pretty cool, it is more of what I expected the south to look like. We were able to teach a couple this week that was awesome. We knocked on their door and they invited us right in. We started teaching them the restoration and for the first time on my mission I can say I was able to speak with the spirit and I felt like I actually said stuff that helped them. The spirit was so strong and we asked them to be baptized if they felt through prayer that what we had taught them was true, and they said yes. We are going back to see them tomorrow, so hopefully they read and pray. We also taught another couple and extended an invitation to be baptized.

We were reading in 2nd Nephi 26 or 27 and it talks about teaching people not for money, but from the goodness of our hearts because we love them and want to share with them that the church is true and what it means in our lives. That is why I am out here sharing the gospel.

Anywho, I love yall and miss you like crazy. thanks for the presents, we put them all under the tree, as you can see from the pictures. I can't wait to open them. Keep sending pictures! Oh how did you like the crack house pictures??

p.s. go cougars/jazz/chargers/ it sucks that I have no idea what is going on in the world of sports, so keep me updated. What are the standings in all the sports, is Jimmer going to get MVP, and Utah sucks... plain and simple. But the church is true.!!!!!

Love Elder Nelson

Hey Pops,

I'm doin good. You wouldn't believe how cold it is. When you look online and it says that the temp is like 35, it is really about 20. The wind is always blowing which makes it colder and the humidity makes it sooo bad. I seriously haven't ever been colder. The coldest days in Utah are nothing compared to the last couple average winter days here haha, I'm stayin warm though. The coat and beanie keep me warm but my legs and face freeze. As far as the food, the ward up here is awesome, we get taken out to eat about every other day and then there is one lady i the ward that goes shopping and hooks us up with food for the rest of the time, so we rarely spend money on food. On Sundays we usually get about 50 people is all to church and this week I think we only had 34. It is tough to get investigators to show up, we are working hard though. I do have to teach a class every other week, it is Gospel principles, but we usually only have about 6 people to teach, so it's no big.

As far as my days go here, every day we wake up at 6:30, we exercise until 7 or 7:15 then we eat and shower until 8. At 8 we have personal study for an hour and then we have companion study until 10:30 then we head out and go teach. We teach until usually about 1 or 2 then eat lunch and then go back to work until about 7 to 8:30. My bike has been alright, but this week I week I started to have problems with the left pedal, it comes loose and I have to tighten it every house we stop at, it's rough, I'm hoping to find something to fix it at walmart today. We have zone conference on Thursday, but won't get a new comp for probably 3 months. Oh! the crime rate, (not to scare you) but the entire town is the "scary part of town" but we are alright, most people think we are cops...

Well, I've got to sign off... talk to you next week, Elder Nelson

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