Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010

Hello Ma and pops!

How goes it? Talkin on Christmas was pretty awesome. I can't believe how much the kids have changed already. It was so great to see everybody. It was pretty tough thinkin the rest of the night that I wouldn't be talkin to yall again till mother's day, but then I remembered that yall aren't that interesting so it's no big deal! jk but it's a good thing that we only get to talk a couple of times a year soes I can focus on the work.

Linda was able to come to Church Sunday but she was only there for sacrament because she was going to see her son in prison, but they announced her baptism from the pulpit which was cool. We went over to see her last night, and it seems the pastor of the church has been telling her to get baptized there, which we have no idea why he would tell her that since she has already been baptized there, but oh well, she will make the right choice. I think the only thing holding her back is that the other church has a choir and she likes to sing... We were telling her about motab though, and she seemed pretty interested in listening to them, haha unfortunately the new ipod I got for Christmas isn't allowed in the Arkansas, Little rock mission.. so we can't show her.
We have also been talking to a girl named Teosha. We had an appt. with her a week ago, but when we showed up her mom yelled at us and told us to leave, we talked to Teosha on the phone awhile later and she said she still wants to meet with us, we just have to find another place to meet, so we are probably going to get a lesson in at the Mac Do haha, should be fun. Not much else goin on teaching wise, we are trying to find some new investigators. (keep us in your prayers so that we will have people placed in our path ). We need some though, the ones we have right now are at a standstill, but all is good.

Elder Boice and I have been practicing with our new nerf guns, shooting the remote control helicopter, the helicopter is a beast though, he never goes down. Opening presents on Christmas was pretty awesome, it's awesome having so much support from back home, as well as from the ward here.

On Christmas eve we went over to a family in our wards house, (the Riches) and played some games and had dinner. It was pretty awesome. Then we had ourselves a slumber party out on the couch's in front of the Christmas tree haha we woke up and opened our presents, and the Bishop came and picked us up and we went up to Caruthersville and dropped some food baskets off to some families up there, it was pretty cool being able to talk with some of the members of the ward I hadn't met and help them out. After Caruthersville we headed back to the Bishops house for dinner and to talk to yall!!! So Christmas was pretty awesome, nothin like bein home, but just as sweet.

Oh! It snowed on Christmas!!! haha It was pretty sweet, I have officially had a white Christmas in the south....check it off the bucket list. New Year's day is going to be pretty sweet too. We are going over to a members mom's house for lunch. In the South they eat black eyed peas and "hogs jowl" on new years which is for good luck and prosperity through the year. So we are going to have a nice southern meal. Then we have a baptism set, we don't have a time yet since Linda hasn't made up her mind, but it will happen, then we have an eating contest set up with Sammy. Sammy is the man! We are going to Pizza Inn (a pizza buffet) to have an eating contest with him to start off our fast... it should be pretty sweet, hopefully I don't eat too much and get sick again haha
Anywho, all is good in Blytheville, were fixin to go n' get us sum goodies from Wal-Mart and then head o'er to the church to shoot sum hoops, so I'm going to have to wrap it up.

One of the pictures I am sending is of the hospital her on the air force base... I love yall, and am missin ya, yall looked great when we talked on skype (no joke) I will read you my journal entry from Christmas when I get home haha you will like it...

Love Elder Nelson

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