Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010 Finally a word from Arkansas

Mom and Dad,

Holy cow this week has been crazy. I decided mom needs Internet on her phone so that when I e-mail yall you can e-mail me right back and we can converse!!!!
Anywho, on Wednesday we went to transfers, and I crossed the river, my new companion is Elder Boice, he went to Jordan and is pretty cool. He is a Utah fan though?? We are stationed up here in good old Blytheville Arkansas, it is the farthest north area in the mission, it covers into Missouri. The Mississippi is our boundary on the east and I have no idea where the boundaries other than that are. We spend most of our time here in Blytheville, but our area covers a huge area outside of that. Blytheville is pretty crazy, We haven't taught a white person yet, and I can't understand anyone up here, the drawl is terrible, but I'm learning, Elder Boice does all the teaching pretty much and I throw in a testimony here and there,m but I'm getting better.
Just so you feel a little better about where I live, Blytheville has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country... the other night we were chillin talkin to some kids on a street corner, and there was a shooting about a block away. It was pretty sweet, of course we proceeded into the scary part of town immediately after... don't be too scared though, the ward is amazing. Elder Boice said he hasn't spent money on food since he got here, and I haven't yet either. On our way back from transfers we stopped at a place called Tops and a member bought us lunch. It was UNREAL!!!! the BBQ is sooo good, Pats has absolutely nothing on the BBQ here.
So I thought of a couple things that might be cool for you to send me like: a headband and a gator, because I have never been so cold in my life, the humidity is deadly. Also you could send me my big knife because I found out we can have knives... can't think of anything else off the top of my head but maybe I can by the time I finish writing,.
So we have been teaching a bunch of lessons this week. Elder Boice said he has never taught so many lessons. The people are really humble and just about anyone will sit down and talk to you about Jesus because everyone here is super religious. (It seems like) We have 2 baptismal dates set, one is a guy named Phillip on the 18th, but Phillip has disappeared off the face of the earth and we can't find him, so we are hoping he comes back into town soon so we can get him wet. The next is a lady named Linda. Linda is awesome... She has a date set for new years day.
There is also a new convert family that is awesome. The Sim family. They have 3 kids and 2 of them are 3 year old twin boys, they are about half Jacks size, but sadly I think they could both take him, the people out here are pretty tough. Supposedly Missionaries get jumped every couple of months...haha The Sims are cool though. The dad is looking for job, so they are struggling, and they live in a little house that is probably smaller than a trailer, and right now they are heating it with their gas stove, which we need to change, because it is dangerous, so we are working on that.
My favorite person I have met so far is Sammy. He was baptized in the last couple months and has the biggest smile you have ever seen, an it pretty much never leaves his face. He is so enthusiastic about learning the gospel, and when we start to teach him he gets so excited he can't sit still, it's awesome. He is like a little kid. The biggest problem we face out here is that most people will accept what we teach pretty quick, but they don't understand that by doing so it means they need to follow what our church teaches, they just want to merge churches... It's kind of funny. anywho, I'm doin great, I left my backpack with all my scriptures on the transfer van though, so I'm having to make due without then for now. No worries... Tell everyone hello, I miss yall like crazy.

Love, Elder Nelson

ps we have a bike and a car. Most days we drive our car to the church then ride our bikes all day. We live in a duplex and it is cooold outside.

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