Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 20, 2010

You need to send shorter e-mails. By the time I read them I can't remember the questions you ask! haha Our investigator Phillip, the one that was supposed to get baptized, well we finally caught up with him at his house. He has had a rough time, his fiance left him and took his car and all his money, then he lost his job and his license and they turned off his heat in his house, so he isn't living there anymore. So the baptism is off for now, hopefully we can find him though. We are hoping to have a baptism on New Year's Day, so we'll see.

I just sent you a package it has all of my letters in it, but also has some bracelets for the little girls from a new member family that makes them and sells them for charity. They are awesome, and heard I had nieces and made sure we took some for them. Tell the boys sorry I haven't had time to look for something for them, but will keep looking. I also sent a shirt that you will like and my memory card and then along with the letters a couple papers that you can look at like a program from church and the mission news letter. My shoes are holding up great. I haven't been walking in the rain much so I don't know if they are water proof yet. My bike is sucking it up. If you could call the company that would be great. Tell them I have been tightening up the pedal everyday like the e-mail said to, but it still came loose one day and doesn't stay tight for more than half an hour.

So on Christmas... We are having Christmas dinner at Bishop's house and Christmas eve another member of the ward (Rich's) are having us over. The ward here is sooo cool. There is a guy named brother Corbett, his son was a baseball player and is serving in AZ, but he loves baseball. We sat at his house the other night for like 2 hours and I got to see the score of the BYU game... couldn't watch it though: (but he told us if I get a glove he will take us to a field one p day and throw to us and whatnot!!! sick huh!

Anywho, I will write about Christmas on my next e-mail...

Love yall!
Keep it holy!
Love Elder Nelson

ps I did get my haircut, Elder Boice did it for me..

My schedule (since you all asked)

6:30 get up and l then exercise until 7:15
7:30 shower and eat breakfast
8 - 9 personal study
9-10 companion study
Head out tracking
1 or 2 pm lunch
tracting until around 5 then dinner
tract until around 8:30 or 9:00 pm

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