Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 10, 2011 Q & A

hey what up yall.
answers to your questions.

l) how often do you have district meetings?
we have district meetings usually once a week.
2) how often do you have zone conf.?
zone conferences i think are once a month or once a transfer
3) How did it go with Cat? Is she interested?
we haven't been able to meet with cat. some weird stuff going on there)
4) Have you found anyone else to teach? we actually have 5 new investigators this week. Helen, Eleanor, Ronny, George and tareesha. they are pretty cool. we will see this week if they are for real... Helen was a really cool lesson. she cant really talk. can say yes and no, and other than that uses hand gestures. it was an awesome lesson, she was crying the whole time. we tracked into all of the new people. Eleanor was out with her family, invited us in and agreed to read the bom, we are going to see her tomorrow i think. same thing happened with Ronny, George and Tareesha. Hopefully some good stuff happens!!!
5) What are you teaching in gospel essentials?? how is that going? I taught gospel principles yesterday on our heavenly father. it went alright. i think. I really have no idea haha
6) do you ever have to speak?? not yet
7) gang activity still going on, or have they caught the guys? haha its not like a few kids doin the gang activity. everyone in town is part of a gang haha so yes its still goin on.
8)) Is your bike doing better? the bike is holding up well. no problems since the crank shaft broke.
9) did you have black birds falling from the sky??? It showed on the news a picture of an Arkansas street with hundreds of blackbirds dead all along a road.??? we didn't here in blytheville, but we heard about it. it was in bebe arkansas, and it was actually hundreds of thousands of blackbirds that died, as well as 100,000 fish showed up dead on the bank of a river... some crazy shiz goin down!!

Well, time to go, I love you all... Elder Jake Nelson

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