Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year's Jan 3, 2011

What's up yall,

Happy New Years!
I'm going to go ahead and answer all these here questions yall sent me!

1) Did Linda make it for baptism? No Linda didn't make it to baptism, she ended up getting baptized by other means...unfortunate
2) Did you get Taysia's Christmas present (she heard it had been resent)? I did get the photo book, and just by the way, we have the best darn looking family ever, hands down..
3) How was New Year's? dinner? pizza? New Years was pretty sweet, we ended up not doing our pizza eating contest, it got postponed until next month, but we did get to go over to Sister Corbett's moms house new year's for lunch with the whole fam. We had black eyed peas, cabbage, fried potatoes, and hogs jowl, hogs jowl is a lot like bacon, it is just the meat from the cheeks/jowls of the hog. It wasn't too bad, other than the aftermath...haha
4) How is your weather?? We heard Missouri and Arkansas had bad tornado's (I looked up the counties and it looked like you weren't in the middle of them??? We weren't hit by any tornados, but that day that the storming was goin on we were out riding and it got dark and we went to visit an elderly woman in our ward, and when we left it had started raining, so we headed for the church which was 3 miles away, and about half a mile into the ride it started pouring, we were soaked and covered in mud by the time we got there, it was pretty sweet though. The rain here is insane, Elder Boice said it wasn't that hard of a rain and it was raining harder than I had ever seen it rain in Utah.
5) Have you found anyone else to teach?? We are all praying for you to find people.. Tim told me it was hard to find people to teach in France too.. "On Sunday this lady named Cat came to Church, which was a surprise, they had taught her before I got here and she is one of Linda's friends, but she showed up and actually paid tithing!!! (she is not a member) anywho, we are feeling pretty good about her and are meeting with her on Tuesday, so we are thinking maybe Linda was just our way to finding Cat!!
6) So your birthday is coming, do you need anything?? I hate to just send stuff you don't need but have to house... "I really don't need anything, just some ties... every missionary likes ties!
7) Can you listen to the "Arkansas" songs?? or just specific artists?? "I have heard the Arkansas songs in most of the cars I have been in, so I am going to say yes..
8) How is the "gang" activity going?? any worse? or better? The gang activity is about the same, on New years day we were walking down the street and all of a sudden 2 housed down a guy came out and unloaded his shotgun off his front porch...scared us to death!!!haha

so funny story, the other day we stopped at sonic to get some grub, and the girl that delivered the food handed me her number haha so we promptly wrote ours down .... on a pass along card... and gave it to her... never got a call, shoot,, still hope she will get baptized...

I also learned something interesting that I had never heard before, we were visiting with a guy and the civil war came up. Turns out they don't refer to it as the civil war, but as the war of northern aggression, or the war between the Americans and the d*** Yankees. haha I never knew that the south didn't consider it a civil war because they were succeeding, and didn't consider themselves a part of the country, they also say that the war was not over slavery at all but over economics, and the explanation we got actually made a lot of sense. It was cool to learn something new about the south!!!

Well, I have to get off, but I love yall. Tell everyone hello, and tell dad he can still call me "Jake", haha Talk to you next week

Love, Elder Nelson

ps Glaziers sent me a great package, with a freakin basketball hoop in it, we hung it on our door.

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