Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

what up yall?
The news from home is awesome, so glad that Ty is finally in brazil, he was so excited to get out there when i talked to him, i felt bad when i heard he had to wait. that is awesome that the tanner's are getting their calls soon! tell them congrats from me. and let me know where they are headin. I will definitely keep chase in my prayers, that is so tough. i know when i hurt my back it crossed my mind that i could end up going home if it was serious, and it sucked. i didnt want to think about that. i taught the gospel principles class yesterday on "our chosen savior jesus christ" it went well i think. elder boice helps alot by adding some good comments as well as some of the members. makes it alot less stressful.
We had one investigator, Helen, come yesterday. she is the one who has a speech problem so she doesnt talk much. we werent sure how much she liked it but hopefully she did. we were able to set a baptismal date for her and a lady that lives with her for feb 12. we are praying that all goes well.
I think dad should get the i phone. the droid is way cool. but i think the iphone would be a little easier for him to get used to. either way though they are both sweet. the droid is basically the Bad A** iphone. haha

answers to your questions.

1) What are you eating, 21 slices of pizza sound terrible...
Elder Boice and I were laughing the other day that you and Dad would probably never believe that i eat yogurt and a banana for breakfast every morning haha
2) What do you wear each day? suits ? How are your shoes holding up in the rain?
we only wear suits to church, district meeting and zone meeting. I wear my black shoes every day, they are my "tracting shoes" and by brown to meetings. my blacks are wearing out. we have been tracting machines!
3) James Hirst asked all about you at Church Sunday, it was nice:
next time you see james tell him i said hi and that a mission really is the greatest. every day you face something that you dont think you can do but you jump into it anyway and the spirit leads you through. greatest thing i have ever done in my life
3) How is Ronnie coming along? and the other lady you were teaching?
Ronnie put us for a loop this week, he absolutely loved church was super excited to bring his daughter yesterday... so on tuesday we stop by his house and there is a note on the door. "to whoever comes looking for ronnie, he no longer lives here. you can reach im at ....." so we call the number...disconnected. we were pretty bummed, but then on friday we decided to try the number again, and it went through to one of his friends that gave us Ronnie's cell number. we were able to get ahold of him. he now lives up in Caruthersville, and he said he still wants to come down to church with us, but has to find a job so he can get a car to make it down. hopefully he will be able to.
4) Do you get the Ensign? or would you like me to send you a copy each month?? we do get the ensign. but thank you anyway.

so yesterday we met with a lady named Debra, we were teaching the restoration and i was able to bear my testimony about the book of mormon. as i was the spirit really hit me that what i was saying was true, it was amazing. THE CHURCH IS TRUE YALL!! I love you guys and miss you.
love elder nelson

p.s. we tracted into a lady the other day, and made the opening line and her response was "sorry, i'm baptist right now"..... yep we hear some great stuff.
also ran into my first "basher" yesterday. such an idiot. she started rambling about stuff we "believed" in... which was all false haha i almost cussed her out. i was pretty close. cause she was an ignorant Beezy. but i didnt... i kept control

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