Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey everybody! so this week was pretty tight.

On Wednesday we went to Caruthersville and had the most successful day since i came out. finally were able to meet up with Ronnie, who came to church, plus we were able to have a lesson with a guy named Allen who lives with an elderly member of the ward, he had been reading the bom and came to church and seemed to like it. Hopefully all goes well, we set a date with Ronni for Feb 26, hopefully we get everything we need to do done by then.
On Thursday, we were walking down the street, saw a health food store that elder Boise wanted to check out. so we went inside. started talking to the owner.. soon enough a rabbi came in. and started talking with him. as we were about to leave the owner (Fred) says hey elders how bout comin over for dinner tonight.. we jumped at that. he gave us directions and we left. anyway we headed out there, and pull up to a giant gate. he opens it up and we drive up to a straight mansion! it was the nicest house i have ever been in by far, it was incredible.. right on the outskirts of the bly... so we had steak and potatoes with Fred the billionaire and Chris the rabbi. they were both super cool dudes. but at one point Fred mentioned that he had gotten a fine from the u.s. government for having some machine, and the fine was for five-hundred THOUSAND dollars... and he said it like it was pocket change.. it was crazy.. it was the coolest thing i think i have done since coming out. today we got to go on a tour of Nucor-yamato steel mill, where most of the people in town work. brother Lowe took us, it was incredible. I got some pictures but left the cord for my camera at home... next week haha

Q and A

l) your back? my back is fine, nothing bothering it.
2) Investigators? we have some investigators, right now Ronnie and Allen are the tops
3) weather (is it still freezing, and do you wear your thermals? this week has been really nice. we didn't have to even wear jackets. and played some football yesterday with a family we are now teaching. but it is supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow or something
4) Do you think you will get to stay with Elder Boice for awhile?? you both seem to enjoy each other? Transfers are coming up in a couple weeks. we have no idea what they will do. you never know. most likely i will get shipped off, but you never know.
5) Weight? I am now down to 203 with full clothes on! so I am under 200
hope all is well at home, i love the BYU updates. Jimmer is the man. MVP for sure this year. aunt glo sends me newspaper clippings haha its sweet.

i love you guys
love elder nelson.

ps so could you possibly send me my BYU tie, and the tool to take a link out of my watch. my watch no longer fits me haha

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