Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 17, 2011

hey yall,

just so yall know, the back is doin fine, the prescription that Dr. Fogg sent was the same that the other doctor had given me..
this week was pretty good though. i think i told you about Ronnie, we tracked into him a couple weeks ago, he is an awesome dude. he spent time in jail, but has turned his life around, he is trying to get his record expunged so that he can get a job, but he is also going to school. anyway, we have been teaching him, and he came to church yesterday.. He walked 3 miles in the freezing cold, and got there a half an hour early... he is the man. he loved it though, it was ward conference so the talks were great, and then we went through the oath and covenant of the priesthood, which is pretty deep stuff for a first timer, but he seemed to understand, then we had a potluck after, he stayed and loved the members, the members here are great at fellow shipping. he is excited to come back next week and is planning on bringing his daughter. we will have to find them a ride.
we also tracked into a lady named ruby, we started talking to us and told us she was preaching at her church Sunday night, and we helped her with her talk on the atonement. then she invited us to come and listen, so we did... it was crazy, they had the band goin and people jumpin around, we got about 15 shout outs from ruby as well as the pastor and other people that went up haha it was sweet.
My birthday was awesome, thank you everyone for the presents, they were great.
highlight of the day... i finished the bom that morning, guess what? its true... haha
We went to the ward and met with brother Layton, the ward mission leader and talked about the missionary work in the ward for a while, after he went out and made some stops with us at some investigators as well as some less actives then we went back to pizza inn... it was bomb as always haha broke my record, had 21 pieces of pizza haha and kept it down this time, the Corbett's also had us over for 2 meals this week, and made me a chocolate cake for my birthday, you will get a video of that one when i send it haha.
Not much else goin on though, just doin work, keep praying for us that we will come in contact with those ready to hear our message!!

p.s. mom and dad, did you get my letters?

Love yall,
Elder Jake Nelson

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