Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Yes, we did have a baptism this week, it was pretty sweet. Jessie, (the pics I sent are of him), he would always flex and tell us how "pumped" he was for baptism, so of course I had to get a picture of it... there were only 3 memers of the ward there, it was pretty weak, but oh well, he was still baptized. Hopefully we can get more out next weekend when veronica gets baptized.
Matt had written me and said that he hurt his back and baseball is over for him, he is going to finish out the school year I think and then head to byu, pretty sad stuff. I feel bad for him, but it will all be for the best... maybe he can finally get married haha ( I hope you read this mateo).

answers to your questions.:

1) Did you get my package? yes mother, i did get the package, and thank you very much, girl scout cookies are bomb haha we actually fried a couple of them the other day... it was awesome.
2) Did you get your shoes? what kind are they? I am going to order my shoes today, because all the stores around ran out of my size.
3) Do you have any photo stamps left? I just love them! yes i do
4) Is your other bapt still a go for sat.? veronica's baptism is a go, her interview is on wednesday, and her family is going to have us over for dinner as well, so as long as all goes according to plan she will be baptized this saturday
5) Do you ever see Elder Leavitt? I don't ever see elder Leavitt because he is on the "other side of the river" but we chat it up on the phone every p day. so we talk. I also got a letter from Elder Laursen up in washington this week.
6) Do you get much mail? a little bit. not a whole bunch though
7) Who cuts your hair now that Elder Boice is gone? always looks good... I haven't cut my hair since Elder Boice left, he did it the night before he was transferred but I need another one. I think I am going to try and do it myself in the next couple days
8) Where will you watch conference?? It is coming up, I always love that? I think we will watch conference at the church. maybe at a members. who knows? but ya im pumped for it. I never understood the significance of having the prophet and apostles talk to us, freaking sweet!!!9) How often do you see your Mission Pres? Does he know that you know the gibbons? I see pres maybe once a transfer. I talked to sister drewes this past week at zone conference and she said that they had been talking a little bit and I told her that I knew them.
10) Do you need anything? just prayers : )

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