Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 28, 2011

My new Comp. Elder Adams
yo yo yo family!

This week has basically been the best week of my mission. I was scared to death about taking over the area, but this week we tore it up and I actually feel like I can teach.. we taught 17 "other lessons" which is like double the usual, and set 4 new baptismal dates... pretty sweet stuff.
answers to moms questions:

1) How is your new companion? Name, where from, hard worker?
My comps name is Elder Adams. He is a very hard worker from Springville, Utah, he has only been out 6 months himself so basically they have 2 greenies in Blytheville, but things are going well.
2) How are your investigators? Did the baptism scheduled for last week happen?
The investigators are good, we are supposed to strive for 4 new investigators each week and we actually had 9 this week. We were teaching like hot cakes this week and we also set 4 new dates. Ronnie didn't get baptized this week, we haven't seen him in a couple weeks, hopefully we will be able to this Wednesday when we go to Caruthersville.
3) How about your scheduled ones for February? All of our dates are for march, 2 on the 12th and 4 on the 19th. I'm pumped for this kid we taught on Saturday, his name is Vince, he is going through some crazy stuff, he lives with phillip another baptismal date. Anyways, his mom was Phillips fiance, she left Phillip, and left the kid on his own so phillip took him in. phillip has said that he has been struggling with everything including whether or not there is a God. We went to see Phillip, and he wasn't there, but Vince walked up while we were at the door. I had a strong impression to ask him if we could talk, he had never been interested in talking to us and had tried to stay away, but this time he said yes. We taught him the restoration and it was one of the best lessons I have had on my mission, he opened up to us a little about god. We asked him to pray, and then we asked him to pray about the book of Mormon, he took both challenges and also said he would get baptized. We went back that night to see Phillip and he had already read!! We talked with both of them and they are planning on getting baptized! We just need to get them out to church, it is super hard to get people up in the morning for it.
5) Did you have any tornado's last week? I saw on the news that Arkansas was having a tornado warning? We didn't have any last week, but we may today, the weather last night and right now is ridiculous.
6) Shoes? Are your Ecco's really falling apart? They are supposed to be fabulous shoes. My shoes are kinda falling apart, the soles are coming off, but they still hold out water, so I want to keep them so that I can tract in them when it rains. The new shoes are the coolest ones ever, if i get them i will send you a pic.
7) Are you still cooking at home? We still eat at home, but we have taken advantage of February at subway!! haha

as far as stuff to send me with the calender, could you find me a temple issue of the ensign, and also send me my black Nike golf shirt???

everything else is goin well, me and Elder Adams are killin it!! haha keep praying for us and that our investigators will continue to progress!
i love yall,
love elder nelson

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